Ulisses Spiele North America is the English-language division of Ulisses Spiele, Germany’s premiere RPG translator and publisher of Das Schwarze Auge, the classic German fantasy RPG.

Our Team

Timothy Brown (Studio Director) is the award-winning designer of Dark Sun and 2300AD, and was Director of Creative Services at TSR supervising the best of the AD&D game worlds, including Ravenloft and Planescape. He is a Brand Manager for Pinnacle Entertainment Group and recently ran his own successful Kickstarter campaign to launch an original new game world, Dragon Kings.

Kevin MacGregor (Managing Editor) is a veteran of tabletop RPGs whose writing credits include contributions to several of the original West End Games licensed and D6 products, such as Star Wars, the D6 RPG, Metabarons, and Hercules and Xena. Kevin edited the War of the Worlds RPG by Gold Rush Games, and also contributed to their Sengoku and Usagi Yojimbo games. He has helped to connect the current Ulisses North America team, working both on Tim’s Dragon Kings line and Eric’s Steamscapes line.

Darrell Hayhurst (Line Developer) is a freelance writer and designer who has worked on both tactical games and roleplaying games. He helped design Hard Vacuum, the WWII retro-futurist space combat game by Fat Messiah. He has written for Savage RIFTS and Codex Infernus for the Savage Worlds system. And he has worked with Third Eye Games on Ninja Crusade and the upcoming AMP: Year Three.

Eric Simon (Social Media Coordinator) is the writer and publisher behind the Steamscapes setting for Savage Worlds. He has written for Pinnacle’s Savage Tales of Horror and for Time Cellist by Wheel Tree Press. He also recently released Rockalypse, a new setting for Fate.

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