CROM Rules – Finer Points

On the surface CROM looks very similar to other skirmish level war  games, but there are a few tricky differences that don’t stand out at first, especially after a quick read of the rules. These finer points drastically differentiate how the game actually plays from how it looks like it would play at first glance.


Torg Eternity Preview #8 – Pan-Pacifica and Orrorsh

This week, the final two invading cosms are previewed, both of which have some significant differences from Original Torg: Pan-Pacifica and Orrorsh.


CROM – Campaigns and Sagas

Replayability is an important consideration for us. We want Conan: Rise of Monsters to be a game you can enjoy again and again.

Don’t worry, Conan – there’s more!


Fading Suns on Bundle of Holding

If you’re a dedicated fan of Fading Suns, you may be eagerly awaiting news about what Ulisses will be doing with its new line. But if you’re not as familiar with the game (or if you know people who aren’t), we have got a great deal for you to check out!

Fading Suns is on the newest Bundle of Holding!



CROM at the Las Vegas Open!

This coming weekend – February 3rd through 5th – is the Las Vegas Open, a tabletop gaming convention with a focus on miniatures, and the CROM team is coming out in force to run demos throughout the entire convention.

Among our attendees will be designers Tim Brown, Shane Hensley, and George Vasilakos, plus playtest/demo coordinator Darrell Hayhurst (who is responsible for all the previews you’ve been seeing for the last few months).

If you can make it Las Vegas, be sure to head to the Demo Zone to try out the game! If you can’t get to the con, make sure to watch our Facebook page on Saturday – we are hoping to set up a live feed of one of the games. (More details later this week.)

Torg Eternity Preview #7 – Nile Empire and Tharkold

This week, two more cosms are previewed, one that’s mostly the same as in Original Torg, and one that’s quite a bit different: the Nile Empire and Tharkold.


CROM Scenario Mechanics

This week we take a look at other ways to play and win in Conan: Rise of Monsters.


Starless Sky Preview #4 – “So Dark the Night”

This week’s Starless Sky preview offers a look at how the Starfall tests the faith of even the most devout. In this story we see a Blessed One of Praios struggling to make sense of what has happened. (more…)

Torg Eternity Preview #6 – Spells, Miracles, and Psionics

This week we get a bit more in depth with the new mechanics, specifically those dealing with spells, miracles, and psionics. For the sake of this preview, we’ll collectively call them “powers.” They’re described in separate chapters in Torg Eternity, but they have similar characteristics.

As mentioned in our first preview, we wanted to reduce the number of sub-systems while keeping the Torg flavor. This is one of the places where that philosophy has its biggest impact.


CROM Lore – Fall of Mitra

It’s perfectly possible (and fun!) to simply build a war band and start a battle, but Conan: Rise of Monsters does have a story which creates context for these battles.