CROM Mechanics Teaser #10 – Fate Cards Part 4


This week’s Fate Cards are focused on bringing wounded or lost units back into the fight. Be sure to read Part 1 if you want to see how Fate Cards are used in the game.


Aventuria Almanac Preview – Krakennewt

Although the Bestiary is where most of the monsters of Aventuria can be found, the Almanac has a few additional entries as well. One of them is that most legendary of sea creatures, the Krakennewt! (more…)

Aventuria Almanac Preview – Punishment

One of the ways you can tell that The Dark Eye is not like other fantasy roleplaying games is that there are more likely to be consequences for reckless behavior. Morality, ethics, and law are important parts of the world, and the Aventurian Almanac goes into some detail describing what punishments might await the more reckless adventurer.


Aventuria Almanac Preview – Herbarium

There are many ways to explore and feel immersed in a game world. The Aventuria Almanac caters to a wide variety of tastes when it comes to immersion and detail. Do you want to play a witch or a blessed one who has extensive knowledge of herbology? The Almanac has you covered!


CROM Mechanics Teaser #9 – Fate Cards Part 3

This week we look at a few more Fate Cards. Be sure to read Part 1 if you want to see how Fate Cards are used in the game.

cromfall (more…)

Aventuria Almanac Preview – The Orclands

The Kickstarter for the Aventuria Almanac has launched!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be previewing some of the art and information that you can find in this essential adventuring tome. Today we start with a two-page look at one of the smaller entries in Chapter 3 (Land and People). The Svellt Valley has been a region of great strife throughout Aventuria’s history, but now few humans remain to resist against the occupying orcs. Here are the two pages that give the brief overview of this region: (more…)

Announcing the Aventuria Almanac Kickstarter!

We are happy to announce that this weekend we will be launching the Kickstarter for the Aventuria Almanac!


This Kickstarter will include the regular hardcover edition of the Almanac, but also the red leatherette Deluxe Edition and the hand-bound black leather Limited Edition! Here’s the emboss/stamp design for both of those versions:


The pledge levels themselves will be kept fairly simple – just the book plus stretch goals. This means that if you simply want the nicer covers then you can pick those up without a lot of extras. The only add-ons we’ll be including during the Kickstarter campaign itself will be regular and Deluxe copies of the Core Rules. However, we will once again be doing the Pledge Manager store at the end of the campaign, and that store will include everything we have available from previous Kickstarters!

Planned stretch goals include a new set of posters (some of which are actually informational as well as decorative), short stories to fill out your fiction collection, figure flats for characters and creatures in the Core RulesAlmanac, and Bestiary, and more!


This will be a smaller campaign, but fans of The Dark Eye will not want to miss it!

Launch time is Saturday, October 22nd at 10am Eastern (14:00 UTC, 16:00 Germany). Hope to see you then!

CROM Mechanics Teaser #8 – Fate Cards Part 2

Last time we explained how Fate Cards are used in general and talked about a couple of specific cards. Today we’re going to continue with more card discussion.



CROM Mechanics Teaser #7 – Fate Cards Part 1

Now that we’ve covered the basic mechanics, it’s time to explore Fate Cards. Because sometimes the winds of fate can turn for or against you in the most unexpected ways…



Aventuria at Spiel ’16

If you are going to be in Essen this weekend for the largest boardgame convention in the world, you will have plenty of opportunities to check out Aventuria!