CROM Unit Preview #4 – Gunderland Pikemen

“With the knights came what seemed a second, irregular army on tough swift ponies. These dismounted and formed their ranks on foot – stolid Bossonian archers, and keen pikemen from Gunderland, their tawny locks blowing from under their steel caps.” -The Scarlet Citadel


CROM Unit Preview #3 – Ancestor Guard


“The supposedly dead man was rushing upon him, eyes blazing with indisputable life, his short sword gleaming in his hand.” -The Slithering Shadow (aka Xuthal of the Dusk)


CROM Unit Preview #2 – Scion of Set


“Instantly the monster whirled and was upon him like the rush of wind through tall grass. The long knife quivered in its neck, point and a foot of blade showing on one side, and the hilt and a hand’s breadth of steel on the other, but it only seemed to madden the giant reptile. The great head towered above the man who faced it, and then darted down, the venom-dripping jaws gaping wide.” -The People of the Black Circle


Arivor’s Doom – Early Look

We’ve reached a quiet moment for The Dark Eye. Over the next couple of months we will be fulfilling two Kickstarters, but not starting any new ones. Instead we will be focusing on turning out new products to expand the line while we look towards growing community of fans.

As we continue to develop things behind the scenes, we’ll be previewing some of those upcoming products so that you can get a sense of what’s coming soon. Today we look at Arivor’s Doom, the next major adventure release for The Dark Eye roleplaying game.


Almanac Non-Backer Survey

Two days ago, we wrapped up the Kickstarter for the Aventuria Almanac. We are very happy with the results – nearly 700 people backed for over 1200% of our funding target. That’s nearly half as many people as backed the Core Rules, which is fantastic for a setting supplement!

But because the number is nearly half, and because at least some of those people may have been backing our products for the first time, we know that there are many of our fans who chose not to participate in this Kickstarter. There are many reasons why people choose one Kickstarter or another (or no Kickstarters at all). Rather than speculate why you made your decision, we want to ask you directly.


CROM Unit Preview #1 – Bossonian Archers

Over the last dozen weeks, we have teased most of the mechanics for Conan: Rise of Monsters. As we get ready to release the Quick-Start rules, we’re going to begin looking at the units that you might select for your army. First, let’s take a look at one of the signature units from the Circle of Iron: the Bossonian Archers.


“They were far outnumbered, and the Shemitish bow had the longer range, but in accuracy the Bossonians were equal to their foes, and they balanced sheer skill in archery by superiority in morale, and excellence in armor. Within good range they loosed, and the Shemites went down by whole ranks.” -The Scarlet Citadel


The Dark Eye Core Rules Second Printing

The Dark Eye Core Rules Kickstarted last spring, fulfilled at the end of the summer, and became available to retail distributors only this past month. In that time it has sold so well that Ulisses Spiele is already going into its second printing!



CROM Mechanics Teaser #12 – Fate Cards Part 6

We’re wrapping up our Fate Card previews today with a double dose – four more cards! Our next set of previews will get into specific units so that you can start thinking about how you’ll build your force as we get ready to release the Quick-Start Rules. For now, let’s get into this last round of cards…


Ramping up Torg and Ulisses Social Media

Starting today, we are going to be increasing our social media presence for Ulisses North America as a company and for the Torg Eternity product line specifically.



Aventuria Almanac Preview – Important Cities

The Aventuria Almanac contains a wealth of useful information for a traveling party of adventurers. One example of this is the section on cities, which contains detailed listings of over fifty different locations throughout the continent. Each entry presents statistics, quotes, and summary reports for the city, all of which can offer a number of story hooks for your game.