Conan: Rise of Monsters - News

CROM – Shipping a Big Box of Minis

Although we are not able to announce our launch date quite yet (more about that below), we want to take a moment to talk about how we’re trying to make shipping as reasonable as possible.


Countdown to CROM

Within the next two weeks, we will be launching the Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter.

There are a few final details we are figuring out, and when we have those resolved we’ll be able to give you the actual launch date and time. If all goes well, it might even be sooner than expected, so be ready!

In the meantime, have you had a chance to play the Public Beta? If so, please post your thoughts here or on our Facebook page! We would love to quote you on the Kickstarter itself.

CROM – Planning a Kickstarter

For the last few months, you’ve read rules previews, seen sample Fate cards, and maybe even watched us play a game. We also hope that you’ve had a chance to try out CROM for yourself using our Beta Rules.

We’re very close to the point where we can announce the Kickstarter launch date. And when we do make that announcement, it will be time for us to start our countdown. So be ready!

While you’re waiting for the announcement, let’s talk a little about what you can expect in the Kickstarter itself.


CROM Rules – Finer Points

On the surface CROM looks very similar to other skirmish level war  games, but there are a few tricky differences that don’t stand out at first, especially after a quick read of the rules. These finer points drastically differentiate how the game actually plays from how it looks like it would play at first glance.


CROM – Campaigns and Sagas

Replayability is an important consideration for us. We want Conan: Rise of Monsters to be a game you can enjoy again and again.

Don’t worry, Conan – there’s more!


CROM at the Las Vegas Open!

This coming weekend – February 3rd through 5th – is the Las Vegas Open, a tabletop gaming convention with a focus on miniatures, and the CROM team is coming out in force to run demos throughout the entire convention.

Among our attendees will be designers Tim Brown, Shane Hensley, and George Vasilakos, plus playtest/demo coordinator Darrell Hayhurst (who is responsible for all the previews you’ve been seeing for the last few months).

If you can make it Las Vegas, be sure to head to the Demo Zone to try out the game! If you can’t get to the con, make sure to watch our Facebook page on Saturday – we are hoping to set up a live feed of one of the games. (More details later this week.)

CROM Scenario Mechanics

This week we take a look at other ways to play and win in Conan: Rise of Monsters.


CROM Lore – Fall of Mitra

It’s perfectly possible (and fun!) to simply build a war band and start a battle, but Conan: Rise of Monsters does have a story which creates context for these battles.


Crom Sample Quests

Last week we offered a sample Quest for Conan. This week we present one for Thoth-Amon, as well some discussion on how Quests affect your game overall.


CROM Variations – Scenarios and Quests

There are many different ways to play CROM. In the most basic version, Victory Points are awarded for destroying enemy units or driving them from the field. Each unit swept away earns 1 VP, and the warlord with the most VP at the end of six rounds wins. (more…)