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Ulisses at Gen Con 50

We’re counting down the days to Gen Con, and we are so excited about all the things we have going on this year.



Warring Kingdoms Preview – Contents

We could keep preaching about all the wonders of the Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook, but we’d never be able to give you a complete picture of everything that’s in it. So today we’re going to do something as close to that as possible – we’re going to show you the Table of Contents.


Warring Kingdoms Preview – Music of the Warring Kingdoms

Setting the mood is important for every story and in a lot of media, be it computer games or movies, a good soundtrack can be crucial. We know a lot you are already using music in their tabletop roleplaying as well. To help you doing that we created a soundtrack custom made to set the mood for the Warring Kingdoms.


Warring Kingdoms Preview – The Andergastan

Among the many stretch goals we’ve unlocked this week for the Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter was The Andergastan, an 80-page hardcover graphic novel. It is added free to all “Collection” pledge levels, or it is available separately as a $25 add-on.


Warring Kingdoms Preview – Themes and Conflicts

The Warring Kingdoms, Nostria and Andergast, and their eternal strife are not at the center of Aventurian politics or the continent. They are their own corner of the continent on the border of the Middenrealm and the more wild cultures of the North like the Orcs and the raiders of Thorwal. Their hate grew in this isolation. Nostria has more contact with the rest of Aventuria, operating trading ports, but Andergast is even more remote inland and covered with deep woods. This shows in their cultural differences – Nostria strives to be recognized by the rest of Aventuria, claiming impressive sounding noble titles and imitating fashion trends years beyond their time in bigger countries, while Andergast clings to druidic worship and their unusual patriarchy, a culture uncommon in the rest of Aventuria and foreign to their human neighbors. (more…)

Warring Kingdoms Preview – Important Figures

As the Aventuria Almanac did with the whole of Aventuria, the Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook includes a section on many of the important figures in the region. Each entry includes a portrait, a quote, and a brief summary of the character’s attitudes and motivations to help you insert them into your own campaign. Many of the entries even include a reference in the GM section (marked by the mask icon) about some of the hidden information related to that figure.


Warring Kingdoms Preview – Cities

The Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook is an amazing resource for gameplay. Like the Aventuria Almanac, it includes a section with vital statistics and descriptions of the various regional cities and towns. But it goes even further than that!


Warring Kingdoms Preview – Fauna

Although the Almanac and Bestiary cover many of the creatures you might find across Aventuria, there are still a few unique animals that you might find in Nostria and Andergast.


Warring Kingdoms Preview – Geography

The Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter is off and running!


Warring Kingdoms Preview – Armory and Kickstarter Reward Levels

While citizens of other Aventurian nations may consider the Warring Kingdoms to be backwards in some ways, none question their skill at the forge. The Armory of the Warring Kingdoms explores the weapons and armor of Nostria and Andergast, and even covers some of the region’s clothing, food, and drink.