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Why You Should Play a Realm Runner from Core Earth

One of the great things about Torg Eternity is how fun it can be to play someone who isn’t from one of those wild, invading cosms!


Why You Should Play a Pulp Hero from the Nile Empire

[Starting this week, we’re going to be doing a series of articles highlighting a variety of different character types in Torg Eternity and what it’s like to play them.]


If you like playing a character who ends every sentence with an exclamation point, the pulp hero is for you! As a pulp hero you fight on the streets against dastardly villains and against the minions of Doctor Mobius! You seek justice for those who can’t get it for themselves! Most pulp heroes like you are former citizens of Core Earth, transformed by the invasion of the Nile Empire. However, you could be one of those rare individuals who come from Doctor Mobius’s home cosm: Terra, and you’ve come to defeat your nemesis and stop his rampage across the cosmverse!


Torg Eternity Updates and Testimonials

“Well cross that bridge when we come to it.”
– Quinn Sebastian


Torg Invades -Redacted-

Our launch date is set!

Attention Storm Knights!

The storm has interfered with our communications!

While we were busy finalizing what we thought were going to be the last details on our Kickstarter, other discussions were happening behind the scenes to add even more!

Our goal is to bring you the best Kickstarter rewards, stretch goals, and add-ons that we can, and we don’t want to ignore any possibilities. For that reason, the High Lords have asked that we give these plans just a little more time. We’ll have a fresh announcement once we know more.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and for your patience.


What to Expect in the Torg Kickstarter

As we mentioned last week, the Torg Eternity Kickstarter will be launching before the end of this month. Since we are mere weeks away, we know that a lot of fans want to know what’s going to be in it.

Obviously we can’t tell you everything yet, but we can give you a broad overview.


The Near Now of Torg Eternity

For the past few months, we have been gradually bringing you up to speed on the development side of Torg Eternity – introducing many of the rules and setting updates and sparking some great discussions on our forums and Facebook pages. We can see the excitement building, and of course many of you just want to know when this game will be available.

It’s time to take you into the Near Now of what’s coming for Torg.


Torg Eternity Preview #16 – A Closer Look at Perks (Part 2)

This week we continue looking at Perks with previews from additional categories, including those related to the Law of Light and Darkness in Aysle, Perks that emphasize the different aspects of non-human races, and cyberware.


Torg Eternity Preview #15 – A Closer Look at Perks

This week we take a closer look at Perks, one of the biggest changes from Original Torg.


Torg Eternity Preview #14 – Storm Knights, Reality Storms, and Archetypes

In this week’s preview we look at the origins of Storm Knights, how reality storms work, introduce you to some of the iconic Storm Knights in Torg Eternity, and finally, give you a sample archetype.


Torg Eternity Preview #13 – Fighting the High Lords

We’ve talked previously about how reality works in the world of Torg Eternity, but how does the invasion itself progress, and how do the Storm Knights fight back? Some of the details are different from Original Torg, largely in order to replicate the fiction within the rules.