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Postby Bosper » Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:25 pm

Lambert wrote:On Slack someone showed me a chart about experienced characters. I.e. the different experience levels, and even on the lowest level on the chart it said your maximum skill rating (not combat) is 10, and 8 for combat skills. That still feels high, but then I stopped playing at the beginning of 3rd Edition and maybe things are harder these days.

I need to see how this actually feels with real characters and take it from there.

Well for example a -1 in a skill check in tde3 subtracted 1_skillpoint. Now it subtracts 1 from all 3 attributes before you still can have all skill points left but the check three times as hard as in tde3 so having more than 10 in attributes is better but not by that much as you might think

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