QLs with Craft

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QLs with Craft

Postby Warden » Fri Oct 18, 2019 2:18 pm

Page 186
"Example: Layariel wants to create a dozen new arrows. The necessary time is four hours. For each QL above the first, Layariel saves half an hour, up to a maximum of two hours saved. The player makes the check and keeps three SP (a QL of 1), so Layariel saves half an hour."

If 0-3 SP is QL of 1, and Layariel keeps 3 SP (QL 1), how does she save half-hour? I thought she would need a QL of at least 2 to start saving time.

EDIT: Just noticed it's in the Errata 1.2 document. Sorry all :oops:

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