Rules modifications for Tactic Fighting

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Re: Rules modifications for Tactic Fighting

Postby Dany40 » Fri May 31, 2019 9:54 am

bluedragon7 wrote:That is a bit counterintuitive as a lower roll is in general considered better across TDE
You could make it that a 1 always is QL6

You're right ... in my first version the QL was calculated with the margin of success between the dice score and the AT or PA score. This way, if you make 11 on the dice with AT 14, you're margin is 3 so you have 1 QL.

If I have changed my mind it's, like I said, because it's easier to figure out the QL obtained ... and it's important for me to keep the pace in combat.

The second thing that I must indicate, it's that I'm not very found of critical and botch. But for the moment I don't want to suppress it ... so you're right it's something that need a reflexion. I'm going to keep 1 and 20 for critical and botch just like they are in the book ... after some tests I will see.

Thanks :)

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