Magic Style & Advanced Style Abilities

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Magic Style & Advanced Style Abilities

Postby Morgoth » Sun Jun 30, 2019 1:15 pm

With regards to Magical Style Abilities & Advanced Magical Styles, is it me or are the benefits extremely weak for many of them for the amount of APs you spend to get these abilities? The Combat Styles in the Compendium provided far superior benefits for spending the same amount of APs for warriors.

For example:

Brilliant Telekineticist
The spellcaster is able to weave telekinetic spellworks in
a specific manner.
Rules: Receive +1 SP (up to a maximum of 18 SP) when
successfully performing arcane spellworkswith the
property Telekinesis.
Prerequisites: Appropriate magic style
AP Value: 25 adventure points

So for 25 APs you get a +1 to your skill rating in a telekinetic spell you cast, provided that spell is successful. For this amount of APs and the fact that a successful casting of the spell is a prerequisite it would have made sense the ability offers an auto +1 to QL (quality level) instead to justify its cost.

The magic book has a lot of these styles and advanced style abilities that offer only a +1 to skill point or +1 to skill rating and nothing else.

On that note, what is the difference between a + to SP and + to SR? Aren't they basically the same thing, especially when both require a succesful casting to apply?

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Re: Magic Style & Advanced Style Abilities

Postby Dyvim » Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:42 pm

I think that the interest of this special ability is to get a bonus that will apply to several spell you know.
If you're proficient (10 skill points for example) with 5 telekinetic spells, this special ability becomes really intetesting because that SA costs less than buying 1 skill point for each spell.
You have to succesfully cast your spell to get the bonus so you must have a good skill level for the SA to be interesting too.
So I suggest that you have to not buy it too early and to become a good telekinecist before :)

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Re: Magic Style & Advanced Style Abilities

Postby tempest13 » Sun Jun 30, 2019 6:24 pm

+1 SP can push you above what you can get from just your skill IF you manage to not use any of your SR while casting.
The problem is that when dealing with a D20 system you cannot make the bonuses to big or you end up with something like D&D 3rd edition where I have seen 5th level characters legitimately get +15 -+20 bonuses from all the cruft. Dark Eye appears to be better balanced. As Dyvim pointed out the major difference between Magic and Profane characters is the skills available. There are only 59 skills and about 20 combat abilities. When the magic system is complete , not counting cantrips, there will be over 300 spells and rituals. A small bonus that helps with several spells is more desirable than a large bonus that only helps one spell.

At least that is how I see it.

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