Aventurian Secret Services

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Re: Aventurian Secret Services

Postby pileggim » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:51 pm

I did not know that there were Secret Services already. I did create one ad hoc for a players Dwarven Spy. It made sense for the Dwarves of Kosh to have men in the field to report what is going on in the human Kingdoms. It gives me the latitude to send him on missions to investigate and report. It gives his character purpose. I figured most of the larger towns/cities would have an Embassy, which gives him a place to run if needed.

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Re: Aventurian Secret Services

Postby Bosper » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:47 pm

Embassies arent really a thing. Never heard of a dwarven embassy anywhere. There are dwarves in cities and they are still subject to their mountain kings and definetely keep contact. But spycraft and embassies arent really a dwarven thing
They dont interfere with other peoples politics. They do some trading and thats about it. There are "Keepers of the Watch" a branch of Angrosh Priests who wander around and check on the dwarves on the surface and in cities. Mostly to make sure that they wont change their ways, but they can also carry news.
The only important political contract is the Lex Dwarfia, which makes sure that no dwarf will be brought to a human judge, but brought to his king so he will come up with a sentence.

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