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Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:57 pm
by antema
Still trying to read Aventurisches Götterwirken with help from Google. Now I'm curious about the Aventurian concept of afterlife. The Götterwirken provides paradises for all Gods, and some I recognized from Dark Eye PC games, like Firun's hunting grounds and Rondra's Hall. But how does the afterlife really work? Blessed Ones obviously go to their God's Paradise, but what about peasants and other commoners that worship all the Gods? Do they go to the God that they have shown most devotion to, and are these Paradises connected? So If a blacksmith and a merchant get married and then die, does the blacksmith go to Ingerimm and the merchant to Phex, and thus they are forever separated in the afterlife? Or are the Paradises in the same "land" and a soul may travel the afterlife from one God's Paradise to another?

Also could someone explain these Paradises for me? Here's what Google thinks the various Paradises are called:

Praios' Palace of Light
Rondra's halls
Efferd's Water Kingdom
Travias hostel
Boron's bedchamber
Hesinde's grove
Firun's hunting grounds
Tsa's rainbow
Phexens Hort
Peraines garden
Ingerimms Esse
Rahja's tent
[Aves] none, deceased pull by the side of Aves through Aventuria
[Ifirn] Firun's hunting grounds
[Kor] none, deceased step in the last Battle the battlefield with Kor
[Nandus] Depending on the degree of initiation it is taught: Part of Hesinde's Labyrinth (Low Grade) or becoming one with the Nayrakis (high grades)
[Swafnir ]none, deceased are to Swafnir's side called to fight Hranngar in the final battle to fight
[Nameless] none

What do you do in these Paradises? I'm guessing you hunt in Firun's hunting grounds and Rondra's Hall is like the Viking Valhalla?


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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:15 am
by Morgoth Feuerklinge
huh, many questions at once :). I must admit that I'm too lazy to write down the answers or even I don't know every answer. The most you wrote is correct. I also see Rondra's Hall is like the Viking Valhalla. Your example with the couples who are in separate paradises is somehow sad. I have never thought about this, because you don't really need it at the table.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:26 am
by Deti
Not everyone get into the paradise of their favourite God/Goddess. Normaly you just go to Borons realm (Hall of Boron). Only if you did some amazing things in your life so a different god seems you worthy, you will be send to one of the specialized realms. It's not not enough to live your life to the beliefs of one of the gods.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:58 pm
by antema
So it's Hall of Boron and not Boron's bedchamber. In German Boron paradise is called Borons Schlafgemach, which means Boron's bedchamber, but I'm more than happy to call it Boron's Hall. I think that term has been mentioned in one of the Dark Eye PC games.

I suppose I'm fine with not gaining any additional knowledge about the various paradises, but I would at least like to know something about the negative afterlife. Does a sinner go to Hell in Aventuria or into a void or some manner of non-existance?

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:06 pm
by Bosper
Borons Halls is the 4. sphere. The realm of the dead. Its where everyone will get before entering a paradise. He still got one of his own. The Halls are more like the Antechamber to the paradises here the soul-scale Rethon evaluates your soul.

There are the Niederhöllen (Netherhells?) where the daemons reside and where the most wicked and unfortunate will end up. If you are just not good enough for a paradise you just stay in Borons Halls forever.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:47 pm
by Thrar
My understanding is that according to common people's beliefs, basically every human will go into Boron's halls. Those who were especially virtuous in the eyes of one of the gods will gain admission to that god's paradise. Other belief systems like e.g. the Orcish gods or the Rastullah faith have a similar notion of the afterlife.

One needs to do some extraordinarily horrible deeds to go to the nether hells. Sure, people may threaten their children or curse their neighbors with it, but unless you started worshiping demons or made demonic pacts, you'll probably still go to Boron's halls. Run of the mill crimes, even terrible ones, are not enough to eternally condemn your soul.

In some cases, souls can be denied entry to Boron's halls. Those may manifest as different types of ghosts, or they may be forced to remain in limbo until they are admitted in.

There are people who believe that following a different faith is akin to worshiping a demon and will therefore take you to the nether hells, but spherologically it seems like dead souls go to the 4th sphere, no matter what they believe or whether they call it Boron's halls or something else.