First characters

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First characters

Postby Lambert » Sun May 29, 2016 3:47 pm

My first the Dark Eye character was Onik Gelef, a wizard (or mage not sure what they are going to translate Magier with) who started my love for playing wizards in all manner of roleplaying games (and in computer game and even board games such as HeroQuest).

Back then my brother made an Elf (which was a class back then) and we went out on adventures. Quickly my friend Martin made Durin Oxbow, the dwarf and we had a party that could actually survive.

I don't actually remember much of those early adventures, I was 8 at the time, but I remember the pure and undiluted joy and mystery of exploring this strange world.

So if you have played before, what was your first character? If you are going to play after you get the books what do you think you are going to play first? Have you got any great tales or aspirations?

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Re: First characters

Postby queery » Mon May 30, 2016 5:42 am

I also started at 8. My first first Charakter was a fighter strongly beliefing in Rondra (goddess of war). My first real Charakter I played for some years was a pacifist rascal who drove the group crazy sometimes and who was very mean to random people. With his magic spells (rascals in TDE are human childs raised by kobold who teach them theire magic and strange humor) he sometimes had a big and unplanned impact on the world.

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Re: First characters

Postby Bosper » Mon May 30, 2016 9:30 am

My very first character was an "adventurer" ;) my poor rolls didnt allow him to take a profession. But shortly after 3rd ed. came around and i played a "Gaukler" - juggler/acrobat and hat a lot of fun with his sneaky-thiefy skills and his extroverted performer personality. Of course he was way less powerfull than the fighters and wizards, but he was fun. After that i too played a rascal/"Schelm" for many years and enjoyed that a lot, he was a bit more down to earth than some overacted annoying examples of this profession, more like a streetsmart jester, but still led to quite a few great moments.

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Re: First characters

Postby Daniël » Tue May 31, 2016 12:13 am

My own first character was a rather boring elf with amazing attribute scores (only 5's and 6's rolled during character creation + an overpowered magic potion in the game's earliest stand alone solo module).

My brother had a character named Jonas Hondenhart(=dog's heart a play on lion heart), who looked like the pro-wrestler "Ravishing" Rick Rude. ... 40x300.jpg
This was by accident (the hair of my 10 year old brother's drawing of Jonas looked like Rick's, who we first saw on tv a few years later), but we ran with it. He was a rude and arrogant (very minor) country squire, who owned a few miles of swamp outside of Havena and a building that very generously could be described as: a small castle in need of some repairs. He adventured to finance his gambling habit and his home repairs.

Together we created our 3rd character. A kobold wizard....

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Re: First characters

Postby twincast » Tue May 31, 2016 2:19 pm

My active TRPG days were during university as I lacked anyone who shared an interest in it before then as well as - having largely lost contact - afterward, and the thought of playing such anonymously with strangers online has never quite stopped making me uncomfortable. (Have played many single-player CRPGs before, during and after, though. :P)

As for my first pen and paper TDE player character, I guess you could call it fate. :D

I don't freak out when it isn't possible, but I really have a big thing for symmetry (mathematically speaking, the prime numbers 2, 3 and 5 as well as their multiples with each other), so I went through the TDE4.1 basic rules (a PDF of which coming with both main games in the Drakensang dilogy) looking if anything like that would be possible with the lovely race/culture/profession trifecta in its lovely point-buy system, and while there were a couple of options that together cost exactly 0 GP, there was but one case where all three cost the same that was more than zero:

Halfelven (3 GP) Horasian (3 GP) Strayer (3 GP) [Well, I have no idea how they actually translated "Streuner"; in D&D terms, they are the generalist rogues.]

Now, why was this fate? Because half-elves are my favorite fantasy race, rogues my favorite fantasy class and the Horasian Empire my favorite Aventurian country. (Cf. my half-elf rogue/sorcerer/arcane tricksters of Greyhawk and Sharn before this lad.) And one of the male sample names for the culture even fulfilled my personal idea of sound harmony, to boot. Perfect! 8-) (He's a proper follower of the Twelvegods, particularly Phex and Rahja, by the way.)

Hence why of the eight Iconic Characters of TDE5, Carolan is my favorite, as other than his lack of magical aptitude, he only differs in tiny details. ;)

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Re: First characters

Postby julianwolfe » Tue May 31, 2016 3:33 pm

Probably going to be some kinda elf.

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Re: First characters

Postby cobra » Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:41 am

I startzd playing at about 15y old I think. Some friends played it at school during the afternoon. Ok I confess it wasent realy by the rules we played and I madseveral characters. A dwarf, a mage, a medic , ...

When I left school I searched for a group and after a few weeks I found one. I made a knight, called "Wolfhart Herdian Trautman Von Rabenmund".
YES! A "Von Rabenmund", but no worrys, he was one of the good peiple of the family (for those who knows the bakground and history in game).

After a while we started a second group and I created a mage, named Dulacia Delicado. She came from Bethana. When the flying city crashed on Gareth, she went to the gareth academy from "Sword and Staff" for either studying her own books, give lessons and take lessons and graduated feom second academy. Rondrigan von Palligan" head of the KGIA has sent het back on a mission and is now with the group in "Zweimuhlen". She is also working to become an "Arrow of the Light".

*sorry for type faults
**we play only official adventures with the rules.

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