"Pyrian Fuoco" - a character concept

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"Pyrian Fuoco" - a character concept

Postby Thrar » Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:08 am

This character concept emerged from a discussion between two people in our group. I had a lot of fun trying to flesh it out, so I thought I'd share.

"Pyrian Fuoco" is a young alchemist's apprentice from a medium to large sized city anywhere on the continent. That is of course a pseudonym - his real name is so mundane and boring that he prefers not to think about it too much any more.
He was always a curious boy, and eager to mess with substances that other people prefer to leave alone. For him, it was a childhood dream come true when he was taken on as apprentice by a reputable local alchemist. He studied for years and showed some promise, but was never among the most focused or diligent among is fellows while his impulsiveness and disregard for safety earned him regular reprimands.
When one day a failed extracurricular experiment led to significant fire damage in his master's laboratory, he was summarily expelled.

While he still goes by his mundane birth name in public, secretly he believes his true name to be Pyrian Fuoco. He yearns for the day when he will be able to proudly announce it to the world without fear of derision. That aside, what drives him is his one true desire: Learn the recipe for Hylailian fire (i.e. real-world greek fire or GoT wildfire), and attain a mastery of the element never seen before.

Pyrian is usually quiet and introverted, but is known to occasionally show surprising bursts of passion. There is little he fears, and he is determined to achieve what he sets his mind to. Travel companions appreciate his cooking (for him, a way to demonstrate his mastery over fire) and ability to get a good campfire going under almost any circumstances. He is not particularly pious but shows some affinity towards Ingerimm, while despising Efferd and Firun. Among his enemies, it is rumored that he has been touched by the Nameless God, igniting his burning passion for fire.
Pyrian carries a pouch full of substances and tinctures capable to produce flames and explosions in all shapes and colors. He is frequently seen experimenting with these and other things he finds. On quiet nights, he likes to sit by the fire for hours, blankly staring into the flames while his mind appears to be far away.

Pyrian dreams to find the secret of Hylailian fire and build his own laboratory for experimentation. Over time, his grasp on reality and sanity is increasingly thinning, while his obsession with all things burning grows more and more consuming. It is not meant for him slowly fade away: Whether or not he achieves his dream, the day will come where his story will end in a massive, all-consuming blaze.

Numbers and Metagaming
Linked is a base version of Pyrian I came up with. As an apprentice with unfinished education, 900 AP seems like a reasonable starting level to me, although my version doesn't strictly follow the rules for inexperienced characters.

Important stats:
Courage 16 (the main thing that breaks the rules)
all other attributes around 10-11, dexterity a bit higher
Resistant to Heat
Susceptible to Cold
Intimidation 6 with specialization (using fire)
Plant Lore 7
Survival 8 with specialization (make fire)
Alchemy 8
Prepare Food 6
Passable Lore skills and languages/scripts

If playing with more experienced characters, I could see him as starting out behind at 900 AP but, as a young and impressionable lad, earning double AP until he more or less catches up with the rest of the group (or sets himself on fire).
Of course, Pyrian might just as well be Pyriana.

In which direction would you take Pyrian? What would you do to build on this concept, or how would you do it differently?

Happy gaming!

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