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Re: English Order of Publication

Postby JohnK » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:51 pm

Hullo, HEX the Dark,

HEX the Dark wrote:
JohnK wrote:Hmm, interesting point of view. I don't consider adventures to be specialised information, to be honest, as they are...adventures. Region books are very specialised, I'd agree, but so far there isn't one out (at least not until the Warring Kingdoms print books come out), and the rest of the game material is literally almost filler material (or so it feels to me) until more of the harder core material for the regions comes out. I read the six Heroic Works adventures (though what rankled me there was the reference to several of the Aventurian Heralds), and the adventures are quite nice and show the distinct types of themes that one can run game with in The Dark Eye.

So that said, I will probably take your advice and read the Almanac next. :)

Many of the adventures offer detailed information about the setting or place they play in. E.g. "the red choir" (cue russian army music :P), part 6 of the Theaterknights-Campaign has a very in depth description of Festum.

Yeah, I had noticed that about some of the English adventures already. Iinteresting to hear about Festum, as I'll be having my gamers visit Festum at some point in the near future. Don't know when we'll see the English version of Part VI of the TK adventures, but my guess is it won't be for a while now.

HEX the Dark wrote:
JohnK wrote:I had wondered about the importance and the relevance of the Starless Sky anthology of stories. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :)

Yes! Go read it! It's really good (one of the best TDE-books written in years if you ask me) full of cool stories and hints and mythological stuff.

That's a pretty good recommendation, I think... Will line that up in my book reading queue. (Which is pretty long and deep.)
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