Living Aventuria Games at Gen Con

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Living Aventuria Games at Gen Con

Postby Tenushath » Fri May 11, 2018 12:10 am

So this is a fan-run Living campaign several of us have been working on. We will be offering slots at GenCon 2018 and the first event is up! Only four tickets left!

Living Aventuria 1042 H1 - A Little Game of Imman

Imman is big in Havena. That is an understatement. Every summer as the Imman season picks up, the city gets anxious about its home team, the Havena Bulls, having a successful season. When things are bad people riot in dissatisfaction. When the Bulls do well, people riot out of drunken elation! The heroes are hired by a well-to-do Imman fan to investigate a report of cheating on the part of a visiting Thorwaler team. The investigation requires a delicate hand as leveling unfounded accusations could cause tensions between Albernia and Thorwal to rise. This is part one of the introductory trio of scenarios for Living Aventuria, the new fan-run organized group for The Dark Eye. Players can bring their own PCs, built using Living Aventuria creation guidelines, or they can play a generic character provided at the table.

You can visit for more info!

Look for three more slots with completely different scenarios soon.

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