How does your TDE campaign work?

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Re: How does your TDE campaign work?

Postby Dany40 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 7:48 am

I’m also running a campaign in the Warring Kingdoms... an adaptation of an old V1 scenario called « Fleuve du désastre » in french (disaster river ??? ).

Its a political and family feud plot ... a family is going to Elderdonk to claim feodal power over the town. They are murdered One by One by a member of the family who wants the power for himself. But in the end, at Elderdonk, its the wrath of the local nymph that will be the hart of the Story.

Magic is here ... but not at the first layer of the Story

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Re: How does your TDE campaign work?

Postby Brooding Paladin » Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:55 pm

This has been a really helpful conversation for me and I'm grateful for all the input. I can see I've got some major adjustments to make. I'm very happy to do so because TDE really feels like the rules set I've dreamed of and really fits my preferred "gritty," low-magic, low-money kind of campaign setting. But I'll need to up my game as a GM, I think, since mysteries, intrigue, and the like tend to be where I'm weaker. But my strengths are world exploration and NPCs, so I'm not completely out of my depth.

@Denshi - I do have the Aventurian Armory and those are the exact rules on wear & tear that I'm planning on using. It may be a lot to keep track of, but I'm pretty sure my players will like getting "better stuff" if their weapons and armor are carrying some damage.

@Thrar - I think that's a good idea regarding character scaling. I'm not really into having a party of demigods wandering around, but after running a campaign where they hit 15th level in Pathfinder, we are definitely talking about an adjustment in expectations. I really appreciate the examples you provided regarding magic items and their limited use. That helped me a ton.

@Lambert - I like what you're doing there but another weakness of mine is premade adventures. My ability to remember details that I haven't written myself makes it a little tough for me to run published adventures. I still buy them all to show my support for a publisher and occasionally thumb through them for ideas and it was also suggested I read through some so I familiarize with traditional TDE adventures, so I'll definitely do that.

I was hoping to build several competing factions and see if I could get some level of Game of Thrones kind of intrigue going. I'm just worried at my own ability to do so (it's tough when all your players are smarter than you are... :lol: ).

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