Kickstarter vs Retail card differences?

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Kickstarter vs Retail card differences?

Postby Roke » Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:31 am

There appears to be some differences between some of the cards that came with the Kickstarter and those that are printed as part of the retail game. Which is "correct" or "official"?

For example:

Murder/Pesky Murder of Crows
The KS version (Murder of Crows), for a roll of 7-10, the starting hero has to discard a fate point if possible.
The retail version (Pesky Murder of Crows), for a roll of 7-10, adds that if not, lose 1 health.

Curse: Paralyze Tongue
The KS version just states you cannot use chants or spells.
The retail version of this card adds that your magic suffers a reduction of 5 and you also cannot speak.

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Re: Kickstarter vs Retail card differences?

Postby Eric USNA » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:05 pm

For the Crows (and for the Barn Cat), you can use both freely. They are simply separate cards. The promo versions are clearly marked with Kickstarter logos for their expansion symbols, but they're also named without the adjectives. If you prefer, you may consider the version with an adjective to be the "regular" version, since it comes with an official expansion.

(The alert player may notice that there are two other Henchman cards in Heroes' Struggle with adjectives like that, suggesting that perhaps there may have been more promo cards planned...)

For Paralyze Tongue, I would suggest playing whatever feels comfortable for you. The first extra restriction is somewhat cornercase, since there are few cards that you would be able to access that use your Magic skill without being a chant or a spell, and the second extra restriction for some groups and not fun for others. If you're the sort of group that enjoys those kinds of meta-rules, play with it! If not, then you have the other one to use if you prefer.

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