Greetings from Butler, Pennsylvania!

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Greetings from Butler, Pennsylvania!

Postby Tangent » Wed May 08, 2019 1:52 pm

Not exactly new to the game, as I've played the previous version a few years ago. So when the GM told us about TORG Eternity and that he'd been contributing to the kickstarter, we were willing to give it a go.

I must say that we're having a blast so far! :mrgreen:

As is somewhat usual for me in games where it's possible to make your own templates or archtypes, I've tried my hand at making a few.

I'm not going to give the full description in this post, but here's the basic concepts of some of them:

Jack Daniels Morgan - Actually just the stock Scrapper with a slightly unusual background in that he had temporary amnesia after the axiom wash rolled over at the start of the Possibility Wars, hand happened to wake up in a bar, and named himself after a couple of the brands he saw on the bottles that looked like names. He's since recovered his memory, but hasn't bothered telling anyone what his real name is because they already know him as Jack or Mr. Morgan. They are aware that it isn't his real name though, as he hadn't bothered hiding the fact that he made it up after waking up in that bar.

Nightshade - Had a little fun with this one. Another player wanted something fairly unique: a spellcasting Aysle elf with cyberware from the Cyberpapacy. Well, wouldn't you know that there's the town of Folkestone in southern England, which is at the northern end of the Eurotunnel, is conveniently in the Dunkel Cyber/Aysle mixed zone! And it has a hospital that could have upgraded itself to the new tech axiom during the wash! So the character I ended up making for her was a Cyber Ops Elf. She's still working on the actual background herself though.

Laridonnel - Inspired by the Cyber Ops Elf I had just made, Markus Newman's background, and a certain three page EGS side comic, I made another character who "just happened" to be in Folkestone when the Possibility Wars: Meet Laridonnel (formerly Lawrence Donnel), a gamer who had just gotten a new fantasy based MMORPG game to play and had just started making his first character right when the Possibility Wars started. The axiom wash spontaneously enchanted the game, causing it to link the character Larry was making to himself, so he ended up becoming Laridonnel, a female wood elf Mystic Rogue. She's been fun to play, given the fact that I gave her a few quirks inspired by videogame RPGs. Such as her habit of picking up random things of dubious value found while searching and exploring new rooms and areas, or the fact that she routinely loots defeated adversaries even when she probably shouldn't. She doesn't steal from allies or party members though, so if you see her, try to make friends quick before she picks your pocket! :mrgreen:

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