Differentiating wizards of different realities

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Re: Differentiating wizards of different realities

Postby Rabbitball » Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:28 pm

utsukushi wrote:Yeah... really, I suppose, we still really have to wait and see how magic is working in TorgE. I would love to have Arcane Knowledges again, but from what we know already, they would clearly have to be.. well, something completely different. They were such a core piece of oTorg's magic that I know I'm going to miss them, but once they've been taken out, there's no way to put them back in.


I think a sort of homage to the Arcane Knowledges could be an excellent part of differentiating Aysle's mages from other cosms. Just the name suggests that Aysle knows more about, um, arcane things, than anybody else. But everything they used to do - informing spell selection, allowing on-the-fly tinkering, and being required for spell design... none of that applies anymore, so I'm not sure what they'd do. It seems like they'd allow a bonus to applicable spells, but that means going through and making sure that all the spells - whatever exists at that point, and anything new in future books - gets tagged for which AK(s) applies to it, and that seems like a lot of work for something not even all Aysle mages are going to be using. And they have to be Perks themselves, because that's really the only place open for things like this, and Spells are already Perks - so something that gives you a bonus to certain kinds of spells would have to be a pretty good bonus to be worth that over spending the same Perk on actually learning new Spells.

I don't know. I love them; they were very much a signature piece of oTorg. But I don't know how to build them back in.

I know there is at least one idea on the table. More than that I can't really talk about just yet.
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Re: Differentiating wizards of different realities

Postby dev/null » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:35 pm

I just want to throw this in while I'm on the forums clearing notifications:

I'm not saying there's no reason for three different player characters to not have a generally available spell, like Scry, and simply flavor it differently based on their cosm, or chosen background, when there's no mechanical changes. But the idea of making three different spells that would do the same thing seems over the top.

So long as they all have a Magic Axiom of 8, and Divination total of 12, they can flavor things how they want (for Scry, specifically).

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Re: Differentiating wizards of different realities

Postby Stormchild » Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:43 pm

Scry was just an example drawn out of the hat without much thinking about it. It was meant to describe my intentions better, not as a case-study. So, please, don't disseminate it too closely.Of course I can see the merit of restrictions and bonuses to schools of SFX. Shadowrun did this pretty good with the different shaman disciplines. The main reason I want to have a simple rules system is to keep the spell list in check. oTorg had a over-inflated spell list, and then there was a list of pulp powers, a list of martial arts, a huge list of equipment, a list of weird science, psionics, miracles (have I forgotten something).

I want to take one binder of Torg with me not a whole container (though with laptops and pads this is not so much an issue as it was back in the 90s). Moreso, I don't want to have to remember all the rules as each SFX came with its own rule set (probably TorgE will be more consistent with rules than oTorg did where many spells came together with their own special rules). And of course, I want to make spells on the fly as I said before, because this makes for great adventure stuff. I played a whole adventure with magic traps that could only be disarmed by devising respective spells.
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