How do people handle new, more specialized Perks coming out?

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Re: How do people handle new, more specialized Perks coming out?

Postby OldCoot » Thu May 02, 2019 2:26 pm

My home group is firmly in the 'play the character you want to play' camp. In more than one campaign, we've had someone discover that their concept just isn't working out - often because it's a new ruleset for us. If it can be done within story and/or rules parameters, so much the better (one player is hoarding the Martyr card for that very reason, just waiting for a good moment.). Post-creation nerfing is obnoxious enough in MMOs, no need for it in tabletop.
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Re: How do people handle new, more specialized Perks coming out?

Postby pkitty » Fri May 03, 2019 1:35 pm

As far as Spellcaster vs other similar perks, my thought process and chain of logic is as follows:

First off, in theory all of the spells should be more-or-less balanced in terms of difficulty to cast and axiom vs effect, right?

Which means that if a GM and player wanted to come up with a totally new magical style (or religion, or psi type), the only hard guideline should be "pick a reasonable selection of spells and make sure most fit within the home axiom." Right?

So that means that if a new book comes out with new spells, and they really fit the concept of this character's magical style, there's no balance issue with simply agreeing that the player should have access to them, balanced if necessary by striking off some of the spells from the existing list.

Player: "Hey GM, you know that I defined my Cyberpapacy witch as a student of real-world chaos magic? Well both Entropy and 1x4x9 are straight out of their playbook. Can I haz?"

GM: "Okay, I see what you mean. Sure, but let's balance that by removing an attack spell and support spells from the list -- two you don't yet have. What are the least 'chaosy' of those? I'm thinking Lightning and Armor?"

Player: "Actually I was going to take Lightning later because it could be coincidence; y'know, it hits from the sky or an electrical box explodes? How about we lose Bullet and Armor?"

GM: "Done! Your list is changed, so feel free to add those spells later via more Spellcasting perks."
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