Aysle Preview #6 - Threats

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Re: Aysle Preview #6 - Threats

Postby johntfs » Thu May 09, 2019 1:13 pm

TorgHacker wrote:
Spatula wrote:Is that a joke or an actual future product announcement?

In Eternity’s version, the Carredon disappeared with Tolwyn at the battle where Uthorion possessed Ardinay, IIRC from the Aysle section of the core rules. Tolwyn is back, so perhaps the Carredon’s revenge is finishing her off for good?

<whistles innocently>

Oh, and yes, that's the name of the Aysle adventure in the Kickstarter.

Of course, one big question is who does the Carredon want revenge against? Uthorian got to rule Aylse as Ardinary while the Carredon got dead/disappeared. It might hold a grudge against Uthorian for that...

Also, with the nature of Great Dragons you've got a whole new reason for treasure-hunting - bribes.

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