Broken Combo?

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Re: Broken Combo?

Postby Savioronedge » Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:03 pm

I find in many RPGs when someone says "x combo is broken" the reason is y other rule(s) being ignored.

In Rifts, a starting character is practically forced to learn Boxing so they can have 2 attacks and thus both attack and defend in every round...but a friend of mine came up with the Mutant Weasel Juicer with 12 attacks at 1st level. This is thoroughly broken, unless you actually follow time and the character dies of old age after the 3 session.

In 3E, I designed the Half-Red Dragon Troll Earth Adept... practically unkillable until he becomes totally unkillable, but you can't start playing untill everyone else is 15th level, and it takes you 20 more to reach perfection.

This is basically the same thing...if you aren't paying attention to concentration or multi action or Grapple rules or spell ranges or, or, or ... this could get out of hand. But just remembering (as the player stated) all the negatives and dangers included in the maneuver will almost certainly limit this to a nigh-unique event.

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Re: Broken Combo?

Postby Fuzzy » Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:43 pm

This combo just isn't a problem.

First, it's harder than it sounds.

Second, it only affects one enemy (not groups), and any enemy worth spending resources to get that kind of roll is going to be possibility rated and has a good chance of soaking.

Third, If you're going to get that kind of roll, there are other ways to kill enemies.

Fourth, it doesn't work against a whole host of enemies... Flyers, anything that can't be grappled, stuff to big to move through the portal, etc. such things are actually quite common.

FIfth, Portal only works at line of site, so you need to be outside (i.e. any indoor combats, or underground combats, or even combats underneath the jungle canopy, don't really allow that.

Sixth, GMs should remember that enemies can actively defend by giving up their next action, and can spend a possibility just like the player.

So, we do have a character in our party who has had this combo since the first adventure. We've played maybe 25-30 sessions, and the combo was used only one time, and the ONLY reason it worked was that the enemy rolled a 1 on the soak roll.

Quite a few more enemies have died by being shot with LAW rockets... Which requires a lot less creativity and is just easier to do.

Having said all of this, the real problem is that the damage assigned to falling is grossly unrealistic. Basically, falling from 40 meters does more damage than a direct hit with a Tomahawk missile or a anti-ship rail gun. Yeah... I'd rather fall 40M than get hit with this...

I propose that the better solution is to fix a broken core mechanic, rather than punish players for creativity.

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Re: Broken Combo?

Postby Sword of Spirit » Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:59 pm

My current "quick and easy" change to falling damage is for every step on the chart after the 10+1BD one, just keep the base at 10 and add an additional bonus die. Though that may not actually reduce the average value enough.

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