Mishap question

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Re: Mishap question

Postby Fuzzy » Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:45 am

Yeah, there aren't that many escape clauses from 1's. Second chance, obviously. Potion of Luck (yeah, good luck getting those), Shali's Blessing (good result, spell only). And Math Ninjas. I think your interpretation of 1X4X9 is correct... ANY that would happen, still happen, IF there are any. Having said that, math ninjas are somewhat limited (no broader access to spell-casting), although when anyone from a cosm has access to Pulp Powers there's nothing in Nile which is "limited" like it might be in other cosms. However, I think it's possible for an Aysle wizard to take that spell via the perk that grants access to one out of cosm spell. But, you can only take that perk once, and there are so many other options... including Cyberpapacy TBD stuff.

Have I mentioned that I love the fact that TorgE forces meaningful choices?

We do actually have a player who randomly rolled a potion of luck on a glory in Aysle, and is hoarding it for when the party desperately needs to play a Maelstrom card.

On the whole, after reading everyone's comments, I'm inclined to think that interpretation #3 is correct. A mishap is a 1 is an auto-fail, and there MAY be other Mishap consequences as specified in various places.

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Re: Mishap question

Postby Kuildeous » Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:43 pm

Good point on how the inviolability of 1 and 20 is ingrained in the collective gamer conscious.

I've run dozens of demos at conventions and game stores. A couple of times--even after having seen how skill checks are done--a player rolled a natural 20 and stopped right there, assuming that they succeeded at whatever they're doing. Of course, being a beginner adventure, that natural 20 probably did succeed, but the idea of tiered successes still floors players at times.
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Re: Mishap question

Postby greybird » Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:09 pm

I've played with #3. One thing happens on a 1, and two others may:

Always: Automatic failure
Sometimes: Disconnect if in contradiction
Sometimes: Mishap effect if one is listed for the action. Otherwise it may still be called a 'mishap', but it doesn't have any extra effects.

The automatic failure takes away a lot of options already, and dropping your weapon (or whatever) every few rolls gets a little silly.

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