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Re: Increase Axiom

Postby Kuildeous » Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:37 pm

Actually I wonder if there’s any harm in a house rule where this perk increases the axiom by 2? Sure, it lets the character jump straight from Core Earth to Tharkold technology, but is that so bad?

It’s CE-only, so you could customize each axiom’s increase. This way, Social and Tech only go up by 1 while Magic and Spirit can go up more. The problem here is that at Gamma level, anyone could get this perk. Then the customization doesn’t work.

But since a higher value gives you more oomph, perhaps a sliding scale. Something like:
Original Axiom: 0-8, Axiom Increase: +3
Original Axiom: 9-14, Axiom Increase: +2
Original Axiom 15+, Axiom Increase: +1

I pulled those numbers out of my ass, but if you examine the ramifications more closely, you maybe could find good break points.
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Re: Increase Axiom

Postby Greymarch2000 » Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:47 pm

Could even have it so there's a Beta version that gives +2 and a Gamma version that gives +3? Requiring the previous ones as pre-requisites as well.

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Re: Increase Axiom

Postby graethynne » Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:53 am

Kuildeous wrote:
graethynne wrote:Basically, rather than 1 point, the Storm Knights personal Axiom jumps to the next value represented on Earth. So for Magic it would go from 9 to 12 (Tharkold) to 14 (NE & CP) to 16 (Orrorsh) to 24 (Aysle). So 4 perks instead of 15. And Spirit would similarly go from 10 to 16 (CP & Orrorsh) to 18 (NE and Aysle) to 24 (Living Land) 3 perks instead of 14.

I like the concept. I see a technical snag here.

Say that you do this for Spirit so that the SK's personal axiom jumps to 16 while everyone else is at 10. Then you decide you want to introduce a new realm (or Ulisses even!). This new realm has a Spirit axiom of 12. Do you retroactively change the perk so that a Spirit jump goes to 12 instead of 16? Or say that the perk skips over 12 and continues down the progression of 16, 18, and 24?

That's not to say that this idea should be discounted, but I feel this scenario should be covered.

I'd say (for my game) that folks are grandfathered in, and I probably wouldn't add interstitial steps for new cosms added later on for new characters since right now it is 3 perks to max Tech and 2 for social and under the proposed house rule 4 for magic, and 3 for Spirit. If we got a higher Social Axiom Cosm than Tharkold I'd be fine adding that stop on top. And maybe in a perfect world interstitial steps to being Social and Spirit to 4 steps total with a new higher Tech option would "even" them all out. But ultimately my concern isn't that this perk be perfectly balanced across the four axioms, but balanced enough to be worth taking for any of them. If that makes sense.


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