"First Walk" and Edeinos PCs

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"First Walk" and Edeinos PCs

Postby mistervimes » Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:52 am

The "Delphi Missions: Living Land" has a great adventure called "First Walk." The mission is led by a Gotak NPC. Greg Gordon wrote some amazing details on how Edeinos speak and how Gotak are viewed.

Without spoiling the adventure, how have you (or would you) handle the Gotak's unique way of communicating if their is an Edeinos PC? The communication and cultural components are key to the story and I want my Edeinos player to experience that as well. I am considering the idea that not all Edeinos speak the same dialect or share the same rituals (tribal differences and whatnot).

Any thoughts or experience with this adventure are welcomed.
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