Relics of Power Redux Acts 1 & 2 Thoughts? Spoilers!!

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Re: Relics of Power Redux Acts 1 & 2 Thoughts? Spoilers!!

Postby ZorValachan » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:25 pm

hawaiianbrian wrote:
ZorValachan wrote:My party is almost through the 2nd Act. The cave option almost led to a TPK. The environment trashed them. First retreat I've ever GMed in Torg, OT or TE. Their 2nd attempt almost ended the same (the barbarian was capture, so they had to rescue him.) I allowed an Escape card to get them out. Didn't want to have to do the same scene 3x. But it was exciting and fun for everyone to show even at Beta, they can be overwhelmed.

Thanks for reporting on this. I always like to challenge characters and I'm always afraid I'm making things too easy. It can be helpful to know where different groups found things easy or hard.

What about the situation was so difficult? And which cave did you mean... the one filled with fungi?

Yes the fungal cave. the non-lethal damage was really hitting them hard. Since a lot of the effects were 'fire' i used the rule that non full body armor didn't help. Actual damage from the edeinos was like maybe 20%. The first time they went in they were at various stages of shock/wounds as they were pretty much rushing scene to scene trying to get to the goal fast. After the retreat, they healed up and i thought it would go a lot easier. Some good/bad rolls and cards proved my assumption wrong.

I also used the LL drama deck. That really affected things as well. There were a lot of non-normal effects (like more fire) and most of them hurt the heroes more than the threats.

But again, it wasn't a bad thing. My group has been plowing through higher level threats like butter. Even Beta GM possibilities were not slowing them down. Once they realized they had almost been taken out by ordinary edeinos and some spores, it brought them back down to Earth.
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Re: Relics of Power Redux Acts 1 & 2 Thoughts? Spoilers!!

Postby hawaiianbrian » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:59 pm

Hehe nice. I love coming up with ways to turn a standard encounter into something different. :twisted:


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Re: Relics of Power Redux Acts 1 & 2 Thoughts? Spoilers!!

Postby mathey » Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:11 pm

Even with some Gamma mama jammas, Shock-related or enhancing effects can be the Great Equalizer when it comes to making my PCs question the wisdom of continuing to fight. Its nice to know that this adventure could provide a similar challenge, even if they are still ridonkulous in terms of skill ratings and power access.

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