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Re: When Cosms Collide Discussion Thread

Postby Kuildeous » Tue Nov 05, 2019 11:26 am

fougerec wrote:I'm finding a real disconnect between the search for the cyberpapacy agents and the attack on the mayor in chapter 1. Like my PCs are there looking for the team and feel it's super pressing to not let them get what they're after. They may pass on the information about the assassination to others, via a Connection card (one of our team is Famous) or something but they're not about to stop the chase for something they don't have any vested interest in.

I think that’s a fair take, and I would respect the players’ decision. One thing that my players have noticed is that Torg Eternity has some hard choices. Some of those I inflict on them, but just look at Burden of Glory to see other examples of hard choices.

In a campaign, this can have some ramifications. If they don’t stop the assassination attempt, then Copenhagen is overall weaker. Perhaps that’s enough to flip the zone to Dominant. Maybe the power imbalance is enough for Uthorion to get a foothold within Copenhagen. Sometimes the group has to make that hard choice, and there are ramifications.

Now granted, if my group chooses that route, then I’ll likely make the hunt a little easier since they made that hard decision. I don’t want to make the game feel like a gotcha. I’d probably shorten Act 2 in order to turn it into a logical conclusion to Act 1. But the next time they come to Copenhagen, there may indeed be something rotten there.
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Re: When Cosms Collide Discussion Thread

Postby TorgHacker » Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:16 pm

I like how Greg's put it:

Storm Knights can succeed at anything.

But they cannot succeed at everything.

Not going to speak for anyone else, but I know that in my adventures I make a point of having hard choices.
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