Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes

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Re: Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes

Postby Wakshani » Wed Feb 05, 2020 5:25 pm

Badger3d wrote:New Age Dabbler, sounds interesting could be Core Earth or Transformed, White Witch Spell Caster or NeoPegan Miracles, or some combination of the two. hoping its a combination.

Interestingly, the Cyberpapacy is kind of dominating the spellcasting archetypes.

In the core list, there's the Cyberwitch as the only one.
The Living Land had none (obviously).
The Nile kindasorta has two.
Aylse… okay, no, nevermind. Aysle's dripping with 'em, appropriately.

Well, okay, fine, the CYberpapacy's the number TWO spellcasting cosm then, nyeah. :D

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Re: Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes

Postby QuarrelBlue » Wed Feb 05, 2020 5:29 pm

Previous Cosm Book Backer Archetypes discussions, for reference:
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Reviews after Backer Archetypes disclosed:
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Useful wisdom about Archetype construction:
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For now, I'm going to reboot my Alraune for Cyberpapacy, as a friend of Pagan witches.
(Racial Ability Vines for long-reached Unarmed Strike, and racial Perk Healing Nectar and Enthralling Fragrance. Blood Scream making counterattack when wounded, and Blood Vine dealing continuous damage on restrained opponent, are also considered as racial Perks but not used on this archetype)

And some other fragments of concept, for now:

Unarmed fighter leans heavily on Maneuver and Trick, based on dance move. Cyberchurch doesn't like dance and expects everyone to be the slave of their cybernatic God, and you find it disgusting.

Spanish bullfighting popularity is waning, but you continued honing your skill. When a pack of bull-sized black dog rushed into the arena and started attacking everyone, you understood that your skill is needed.

*)Escape Artist
The Scarlet Pimpernel-esque escape artist, saving people from Ancien Regime burning stake instead of Revolutionary guillotine.

*)LightCycle Dragoon
CyberKnight with concealable rapid-deployment vehicle, who refused to be a part of religious oppression. Carrying hardlight holographic bike.

Manifested an ability to directly interface to GodNet with your own brain, and turn the whole body into GodNet VX being(and back, without losing the free will). Malraux decided this heresy and you are on the run.

*)Electron Cesta Flinger
Cyberpapal invasion on Spain and South America turned this fast-ball sport into a dangerous weapon. You deploy this crescent-shaped basket to throw bouncing pelota with deadly speed. (Not-So-Secret Homage to TRON Hyperball duel and oTorg Biotech Pelota)

*)Cybernatic Guillotine Executor
Revolutionary Fighter who became a tool of execution, literally! Specialized for Grapple and Vital(neck) Blow(Maybe executed as a DSR?).

*)Teuton Knight
Transformed ex-Core Earther who joined the renewed Order in Germany. Christian Champion of God with Core Earth Origin.

*)Lord of Locust
Drone Handler ran away from Forsworn, with deadly Cyber-Locust Swarm Drone. Can unleash horrible insect swarm attack, even in GodNet!

*)Rosicrucian Magister
Esoteric Christian who mingles Faith, Science, and Magic. Of course Cyberchurch blames you as heretic, and you fight their ignorance.

I hope this discussion to be open to everyone, not limited to Backers. If anyone has an idea to contribute, please feel free to show it.

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Re: Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes

Postby Zackzenobi » Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:35 pm

Those are some really great ideas!

I particularly like the Lightcycle Dragoon. It would be nice to be able to pull a Lightcycle out of thin air. Comes in handy when escaping from Velociraptors or Wasteland Mutants.

I'm doing the Embodied A.I. that are mentioned on page 97 of the Cyberpapacy Sourcebook. That's a A.I. that has downloaded itself on a Spirit chip in a Human body. I'm really excited about it, since it took me a while to come up with something I felt like spending $500 on. I'm gonna go the brainy route. Going to max out her Mind and give her a new Perk that makes being smart cool. Still working out the details with TPTB, but I know what I want to do. Personally I've always loved the Super-smart adventuring type. Macgyver, RDJ's Sherlock, and the Scorpian TV show crew are some of my favorites. So I'd thought I'd come up with an option in that vein.

If I wasnt doing that, I'd probably go with a Reformed Forsworn. I like the idea of a Gremlin style demon familiar that hides in a backpack. Then when needed he jumps out and uses his high Taunt skill to distract the bad guys while his handler shoots them.

Cant wait go see what else we get!

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Re: Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes

Postby Atama » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:12 am

Zackzenobi wrote:Ooh there are some really great ones there. I think the one I'm most excited about is the Vatican Secret Agent. Cue music...

There's a man who leads a life of piety
To everyone he meets in cyber society
With every move he makes another witch he breaks
Odds are they won't live to see tomorrow
Papal agent man, papal agent man
They've given you a binary number and taken away your name
“You are a bad person, and should feel bad.”
-TorgHacker (being tongue-in-cheek :D)

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Re: Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes

Postby Zackzenobi » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:24 am

I'm walking into work. I'll have that in my head all day. Thank you

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Re: Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes

Postby mystic101 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:35 am

I’d say a little about what I’m planning, but nothing’s been approved yet. I never got the initial backer notification, and no one’s responded to any of my emails yet. They’re probably really busy right now.

. . . Hopefully I haven’t been excommunicated! :)

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