Cyberpapal Stelae Pull

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Cyberpapal Stelae Pull

Postby jhosmer1 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:33 am

My group was in Marseilles, helping some Cyberpapal defectors escape France when a Host and the Church Police. One of the characters, who started as a renegade CyberPriest who later transformed to Tharkold reality, hacked a Herald to broadcast the fight and their victory to "GodTube." They beat the Host with a Glory, refilling the Ords with possibilities. Flush with their victory, they decided to pull CP Stelae #9 and liberate the Nice Zone. :lol:

I will admit that I did not have anything planned for that, but I decided to just roll with it. After a rather hectic escape from Marseilles (helped by a The Resistance card and a Connection card, they headed out to find the Stelae with some help from the Delphi Council. They found it on a lighthouse on a rocky outcropping surrounded by a Sargasso sea (they immediately think Gospog).

Searching the lighthouse, they find a catacomb underneath with a stelae. They're on their guard, but so far there are no defenders. When they begin to pull the stelae, a hologram of the CyberPope appears to chastise them. (The group is undecided if it was actually Malraux or a Smart Program of some sort). The renegade CyberPriest debates the CyberPope hologram, using his hacking skills to send his version of the 95 Theses out to the "GodTube." While he talks, the others find a snag in their plan... there is a nuke attached to the stelae, and it has started a countdown!

While the Renegade CyberPriest finished his debate, the group desperately finishes the Stelae Pull, only for a backup to activate. Running to their vehicle, they only manage to reach "minimum safe distance" from the nuke with a Last Ditch Effort.

The Cyberpapacy quickly brands the Storm Knights and especially the renegade CyberPriest as heretics and terrorists, blaming them for the nuclear explosion that devastated the Mediterranean. The Delphi Council is not very happy with them, either.

My group was pretty happy with how this turned out. I thought I would share it as an example of something other Game Masters could do rather than a straight stelae pull. Even though a backup activated, the players were happy to thumb their noses at the CyberPope.

Yes, the CP lost a stelae, but the backup is better hidden, and they took a chance to destroy the troublesome Storm Knights with "God's Holy Fire." My reasoning was that they would use the Storm Knights' death as propaganda to kill the hope that their public Glory kindled.

Keep fighting, Storm Knights!

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Re: Cyberpapal Stelae Pull

Postby Gargoyle » Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:40 am

Very cool. I think this is a good way to handle an impromptu stela pull; a backup stela (which makes sense in the Cyberpapacy) and a trap, but you still managed to throw them a bone with a personal touch from the High Lord. If they're still in the realm I'd throw a soul stain in for good measure and make things very hot for them.
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