The Heart of Ukhaan (Spoilers)

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The Heart of Ukhaan (Spoilers)

Postby jhosmer1 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:57 am

I ran the Delphi Council Missions adventure "The Heart of Ukhaan" with a few modifications. Beware of spoilers.

My Storm Knights consisted of:

Amelia, a Nile Heroine
"The Dude," Transformed Optant
Egon, an Orrorsh Alchemist
Fionntan, an Aysle Elvish Sorcerer
Knicole, Core Earth Realm Runner
Teiji, Pan-Pacifican Yakuza Psychic

They inserted into Manhattan through the Gospog Field on Battery Park, which led to a showdown with a mob of gospog and some Edeinos Gotaks. After they killed the Gospog, they chased the Gotaks into a swamp (a Cosm Card brought the Swamp from the Infiniverse 12 Perils of the Living Land). The group nearly got lost in the swamp, and Fionntann made some swamp gas explode with his Cyberpapal Power Sword.

After making it out of the swamp, the Dude plays an Alertness card and notices a strange patch of sky. When Amelia flies up to investigate, she finds that it is a Cyberpapal aircraft cloaked behind a hologram (their previous adventures had brought them some unwelcome attention from the CP). With a lot of cards, possibilities, and her magic sword of sharpness, Amelia makes the craft crash in Times Square, where the party executes the Cyber-Inquisitor with extreme prejudice. Unfortunately, the noise attracts a T-rex! (Dino Attack Cosm Card.) The T-Rex kills or scatters most of the CP soldiers, but the party has to fight it before moving on.

Amelia noticed the Spire of Ukhaan while flying, so the party makes their way there. the horde of Edeinos at its base makes them pause, but they quickly climb up a skyscraper to get close enough for Fionntann's Portal spell to get them inside the Spire. Unfortunately, some carnivorous plants spook Fionntann, and his Power Sword sets the building on fire when he kills them with extreme prejudice.

After racing up the building to get close enough for the spell, the party manages to enter the Spire. They explore it, finding some cool items (most from the Day One Adventure, but I added a "Psychic Amplifier" (makes telepathy favored) and a railgun (Bazooka with the range of a 105mm tank cannon that uses fire combat instead of heavy weapons). They proceed to base of the Spire, where they meet the guardian.

Here I made a major change to the adventure, giving the Guardian a personality. As it explains the plight of Ukhaan and how it knows the last bastion of its reality will fall, Teii offers to take on its job and transform to Ukhaan reality. The Guardian gives him a "thumb drive" containing information on Ukhaan, and then the Eternity Shard transforms Teiji. The Guardian falls and the Spire begins to crumble. The party runs to the subway below, chased by One-Eye and his edeinos. In the end, the party escapes, but One-Eye survives to swear vengeance on them.

All in all, everyone had fun. The party had a challenge getting to the Spire, and giving the Guardian a personality made the ethical dilemma even more interesting. Now, one of the group has the added responsibility of guarding the last bit of Ukhaan reality, which everyone seemed to like as a story line.

We now need to flesh out Ukhaan a bit (any ideas?). For starters, I'm giving Teiji's player access to the New Psionic Powers Inifiniverse supplement to choose some new powers to represent the "psychic power-up" the Shard gave him. This should be fun.

Two things I made for this adventure. A Cosm tent for Ukhaan (low quality res here so as not to upset any copyright holders, please) and an Ukhaan logo.


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Re: The Heart of Ukhaan (Spoilers)

Postby Gargoyle » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:24 pm

I'd try to keep Ukhaan fairly mysterious, maybe giving out bits of info, little by little. It can also be a good source of information about the invaders that the players wouldn't have otherwise.

My thinking about them is that they were a sort of near hive mind species that became excellent scientists. The innate psionic powers of the species (and maybe it's more than one species!) pulled them out of a dark age of warfare, and their ability to communicate with each other allowed them to advance their technology more rapidly than their propensity to destroy one another. Art and culture was muted however, as the civilization became one big "echo chamber" with few competing ideas. They had great knowledge, but little imagination. They realized they had become stagnant culturally, and needed new ideas. Like Kadandra, they developed the ability to spy on other cosms, other realities where the rules worked differently. This caused a cultural explosion in Ukhaan, with all sorts of new stimulus for them to absorb and riff upon. They created all sorts of new works, inspired by dozens of other realities, and continued to learn more about the nature of Possibility Energy. This was the Golden Age of Ukhaan.

The Spirit and Magic axioms of Ukhaan slowly started to rise, and one of the cosms they spied on look back with a withered eye. They gained the attention of a very dark power, someone unwilling to let them grow into such a threat. Being subtle, he visited them as an ambassador of sorts from a seemingly dismal world, and convinced them to turn their gaze to a cosm they hadn't noticed before. It was yet a different cosm, one with traits very different than their own. They were intrigued, and he showed them how to open a bridge to actually visit. They never had a chance. Despite their advancements, thousands of years of peace left them unprepared to use their weaponry effectively against the savage attack of Baruk Kaah. The dark ambassador merely grinned and left the lizard to do what he does, and the Ukhaan focused their efforts at the very end to preserve their civilization by creating a Guardian.

Perhaps the Guardian spoke to Lanala herself, pleading for the survival of Ukhaan. Ukhaan might very well be the first civilization brought back to life from the Law of Wonders.

So yeah, something like that. I think if you flesh out the history a bit it will tell you more about what they were like.
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