A cutscene that has made my players uneasy

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A cutscene that has made my players uneasy

Postby Gargoyle » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:59 pm

One thing I do is cutscenes. I describe a scene they cannot witness as backstory and foreshadowing. Like this one, after they killed a demon in Toulouse and scored a big propaganda win against the Cyberpapacy then stopped the Tombstorm (which I put in the Cyberpapacy for various reasons.).

They've been very successful lately and made some powerful enemies. And now they are nervous.


"You are not welcome here demon, but I will grant you a short audience. It's ok Malfeus, you can leave us."
Bishop Malfeus' eyes widened.
Malreaux turned and snapped "Go!"

As the doors closed behind the terrified Bishop, the ravagon chuckled.
"Demon hmm? I suppose I resemble one, but according to you, everything different is a demon."
Malreaux sneered. "Do not mock me."
The ravagon called T'var stifled his deep laughter and mock bowed, "Oh my apologies your eminence, I would never mock a loyal servant of the Gaunt Man."
Malreaux wasn't sure if he was being serious. He decided not to let on that he sensed sarcasm.
"You know I do not serve him. We merely have an...agreement. Very well. Are you even capable of executing my command? I would do it myself but we are quite busy, and appearances must be maintained."
"Your request is easy enough. These Storm Knights are hardly powerful enough to be a threat, and they are leaving a trail of magic that should be easily tracked. We will find them and eliminate them. But we will not deliver them to you."
"What blasphemy is this? I command you to do so. It is only fair since your master broke his own rules by invading my realm."
"I follow your commands, that is true, but in this case, you have been overruled. The master has a use for them, and he does what he wishes. Besides, the Tombstorm was punishment for your mishandling of Toulouse." This was a lie, T'vok had no idea why the Tombstorm had appeared, but he enjoyed making Malreaux squirm."You'd best not fail again."
"Hmmph. Very well then."
As if the Cyberpope had a choice, T'var thought.
"And so I take my leave."

Jean Malreaux watched the holovid again of the Storm Knights killing the demon on the live feed and returning Possibility Energy to the citizens his stelae rightfully claimed from them. It enraged him, but it also fueled the fires of his emotions for his next interrogation with former Inquisitor Laurentis. She would never be able to make him look a fool again, that was certain. Maybe he would even let the heretics that she interrogated in the past have their way with her. Yes, that would truly be divine justice.

As T'var left, he couldn't help but relish the thought of the hunt. Storm Knights such as this may yet be weak, but they certainly made a fool of Malreaux, so they may provide a challenge yet. And the Master wants to know who created the Tombstorm without his permission. It would be his honor to give them to him.
"That old chestnut?"


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