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Torg Eternity: Dark Skies

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Storm Knights


Adam Ha Rishon (aka "Harrison")

Ha-Rishon was created from a patchwork of dead flesh by the sinister Dr. Wilhelm Sconce, an occultist and scientist who serves the Gaunt Man, High Lord of Orrorsh. His parts include the face of WIlliam’s brother and an arm with a distinctive Japanese tattoo. He has had nightmares that suggest his heart is somehow tied to an Aysle person called The Amber Knight.

He turned against his creator after meeting Kennington and learning something of his origins. He had a recurring nemesis in the form of Golo, a hunchback assistant who is also a flesh-golem who faithfully serves Sconce, now transformed to the Nile Empire reality.

During a battle against the forces of Darkness near Estonia and Russia, Harrison disappeared beneath an ice floe in Lake Peipus. He was last seen attempting to recover the body of The Amber Knight, a dwarven automaton that had been the source of his heart.


William Kennington III

A native of the world Gaea, home reality of the Victorians, Kennington is a vampyre hunter gifted with remarkable powers of deduction. He is the cousin of Wilhelm Sconce and the brother of the man whose visage Harrison wore. He is a polite and prim Victorian gentleman but is determined in his quest to gain revenge on the monstrous Doctor Sconce and his dark masters.

Harrison appeared to drown after the Battle on the Ice at Lake Peipus against an army of the dead. Sconce subsequently hung himself, leaving behind a note to William that he “goes to a better place”. It is unknown if either man will return or in what form.

William has a fiancee named Glenda whom he exchanges letters with.



An Edeinos with chameleon-like powers to blend into his surroundings. He wields a Core Earth compound bow with expert precision. He seeks to discover what has become of several Edeinos who were abducted by agents of the Nile Empire. He met the other Knights during a raid on a weird science lab in search of Dr. Sconce.

Kash has become a priest of Lanala after helping to free her from The God Box. He expressed a desire to keep the Living Land in North America and develop relations between humans and Edeinos after the Possibility Wars.

Kash has had a number of tragic romantic entanglements. His most recent relationship is with Bianca, the Corsican witch from the Cyberpapacy.


Blake Rodriguez

Blake is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service, a federal law enforcement agency under the United States Department of Homeland Security, charged with conducting criminal investigations and protecting the nation's leaders. His Moment of Crisis came when he leapt to the defense of the President during the initial stages of the Living Land’s invasion of Core Earth. He has since become a member of the Delphi Council and joined the other Knights on adventures in Eastern Europe, Tharkold, and the Nile Empire.

He was suspicious of Kash at first, due to his bad experiences fighting Edeinos, but he’s come to accept that the lizardman is okay, sometimes.


Olivia Sparks

Olivia is a gadgeteer hero from Terra who made her way to Core Earth to join the fight against Doctor Mobius. Her family is a long line of inventors and geniuses, most of who also fought with or fight Doctor Mobius today in Terra. She was called in by the Delphi Council to assist the already established trio of Storm Knights in the Cyberpope’s land.

Has recently saved Prince Erik of Denmark and has hit things off with him after the rescue. She’s also become “bow buddies” with Kash, which is some confusing thing she’s pretty sure Kash made up.

Olivia has two nemeses in the form of Jakob and Sybil, a sibling pair of villains from Terra who have some history with her.


Sir Oswyn

Sir Oswyn is a noble paladin who serves the Ayslish deity Dunad. He was part of the group that the party first encountered on the borderlands between Aysle and Tharkold.

Oswyn proselytizes about Dunad in his travels, and has managed to convert some Thralls in Tharkold to his faith. He also has registered himself on the GodNet out of curiosity about the Cyberpapal faith.


Sigma is a Race fighter who was an occultech test subject experimented upon by Tharkoldu. He has numerous implants that enable him to wield magic spells. Despite his dark origins he is excited to learn about the world(s) outside of Tharkold and the creature comforts they offer. It was recently discovered that a human and a cyberdemon cooperated in crafting Sigma's current body, and they included an Eternity Shard from Tharkold within him - a codex of Tharkold spells.


Ayaka Kuroda

Ayaka is a psychic teenager from Tokyo who was a survivor of Day One outbreak of the Contagion. She was captured by the Kanawa Corporation and was subsequently experimented upon by their researchers. She has the codename “Subject One” and possesses a range of psychic powers and other skills as a result of her experiences. She was rescued from her captivity by the Storm Knights.

Allies and Contacts

Dr. Aaron Hardin - A rough and tumble explorer from the Nile Empire who encountered the heroes during their adventures in the Stone Mountain Jungle of the Living Land. He ended up rubbing Kash the wrong way, and even stole his would-be love interest (Krystal) from him.

Abdul - A black market dealer based out of the desert oasis city of Abu Minquar. He is a large jovial fellow, but is known to be somewhat shifty. Shafira and William are both acquainted with him as a contact. He helped them out during their adventure in the Temple of the Eye.

Alex Hill - A former member of the Cajun Navy who somehow ended up captaining a steam launch on the Congo River in the Nile Empire. He helped get the party to the Lost City of Zembiti on their quest for the bow of Queen Sekana. He is based out of Kinsangani, a port city at the confluence of several African rivers.

Dr. Alexus Frest - The heroic leader of the Mystery Men, a band of adventurers and vigilantes who come from the world of Terra. He has been Dr. Mobius’ nemesis since the supervillain first appeared, and the two have continued their battles on Core Earth and in the Nile Empire. He is a scientific genius and a determined foe of evil.

Antenoch - A Wight who was once an elf sorcerer that became an undead follower of Darkness. He oversaw a temple dedicated to the evil deity Corba’al located in the deadly realm that appeared where the Channel Tunnel was once located, but Oswyn led an expedition of knights who destroyed it. The knight and wight were among the only survivors of the incident and Antenoch vowed to have his revenge. Oswyn and Antenoch confronted one another once again in an alley of Daisen, Japan, but Sigma was able to cow the Wight and make him pledge fealty to his former enemy. He is now a potentially dangerous ally of the Storm Knights.

Antonin Dufek - A former blogger turned decker from Bern, Switzerland. He reported on his experiences while being interrogated by the Cyberpapacy, making him a marked man in the oppressive theocracy. He joined the Delphi Council after the Knights defeated the Child-Eater of Bern. Antonin helped the team during the destruction of a Stelae in Estonia.

Bahira - A Bedouin nomad who survived the killing of her entire tribe by the Nile Empire, she helped Kennington and Harrison during their trip through the desert outside of Cairo.

Bianca Negroni - A Corsican witch from the Cyberpapacy whose family and friends were brutally killed by agents of the ruthless Cardinal Biban in his hunt for heresy. She made a deal with Clive the werewolf in which he stole ritual items for a spell to transfer his lycanthropy to Biban. The Knights interrupted the ceremony, but after their betrayal by Cybermonk Sister Sofia, they consented to let her complete the spell. She has since become an ally of the Delphi Council.

Bianca has aided the Knights on a few missions, including one in which they finally hunted down and slew Biban, who had become a cyberwerewolf as a result of Bianca’s curse. She and Kash have started a relationship based on their shared interest in nature and spiritual power.

Billy Stanley - A young paramedic who worked at an aid station at Fort Washington. He and Dr. Shiela Maxwell were taken hostage by Malacryx and then taken all the way to Chichen Itza. They were freed by the Knights and their allies after Malacryx’s defeat.

Cajun Navy - A group of former oil rig workers and seamen who volunteer to help out the Delphi Council along the Gulf Coast of the United States. Led by Justin “Savvy” Savoie. Stationed on Danger Island. Names: Justin “Savvy” Savoie, Michelle Kelley, Raymond Smith, Shaw Yazzie, Dickie Eberhardt, Laura Ikerd, Chip LaLuz, Elaine Ramirez, Troy Dolan, and Lorelei Bonin.

Chakan - Prince of the Leopard Tribe from Mertikka (the Land Below). He asked for the Storm Knights’ aid in saving some Core Earth friends of his from the dangers of the Land Below - in exchange he aided them in finding a way out of the strange mini-cosm. He ended up marrying a princess of the Darooni tribe and helped start a raid on Tanta kellar to free many of its slaves.

Chiara Ianucci - Tabloid TV reporter from Turin, Italy. She was doing a story on some recent wolf attacks in the area of Castellamonte and ended up interviewing members of the Followers of Damanhur. Her cameraman Zack Fiorello was killed and eaten by the werewolves serving the disguised Cardinal Babin on a live broadcast, but the Storm Knights rescued her from a similar fate.

Cleopatra - A Nile Empire singer and performer who encountered the Storm Knights during their pursuit of the Hooded Cobra and several canopic urns. The Cobra attempted to take her hostage in the midst of her performance at the Anubis Club, a nightclub in downtown Cairo. The team rescued her and later got her to safety at the Cairo Clarion offices.

Clive Ellingham - A Victorian native who came to Aysle in an attempt to escape from his curse as a werewolf. He made a pact with a witch from the Cyberpapacy named Bianca to transfer his curse the the tyrannical Cardinal Babin. After committing several murders in his wolfman form (including his own beloved wife, Helena), he was defeated by the Knights and made to swear allegiance to the Delphi Council. His curse was lifted by Bianca and they now work for the Council.

Cogeye - An Edeinos gotak who leads the Rustjaw tribe, a group that has transformed to the Core Earth cosm and replaced or enhanced parts of their bodies with metal prosthesis. Mainly found around the southern coast of the United States. She and her followers are now associates of the Delphi Council.

Cyra - A psychic Resistance fighter from Tharkold who leads a contingent of freedom fighters on the Russian border. She was saved from captivity by the Knights and subsequently aided them in several missions in the same region.

Ethelinda - An American runaway who was living with a Roma camp near Castellamonte, Italy when the Storm Knights encountered her. She and Bianca developed a friendship, and seemed to share an interest in Wiccan magic and new age cures. She helped the party find some anti-werewolf herbs.

Eduardo Sanchez - A former police officer in the Yucatan who led a force of civilians and ex-cops in fighting the forces of Baruk Kaah gathered at Chichen Itza. He also provided the Knights with access to the massive stone idol of Kulkulcan, an Eternity Shard.

Colonel Elvin Hastings - A veteran monster hunter from Orrorsh, a former army man who now seeks to fight the Gaunt Man and his agents, previously based out of Cairo. Colonel Hastings was caught and transformed into a werewolf by Babin the Beast. Despite the death of Babin, Hastings has remained a dangerous lycanthrope. He was sent by the party to seek a cure in Aysle.

Prince Erik of Sweden - A handsome and young member of Sweden’s royal family, he was a captive of a band of Vikings from Aysle. The Storm Knights mounted a rescue mission and freed him from the raiders’ hideout on a remote island. He subsequently developed a romantic relationship with Olivia which they have continued between her adventures on behalf of the Delphi Council.

Fanya - A mutant from the Blasted Land who convinced the Knights to help her attempt to rescue a friend named Tashka from the clutches of agents of Duke Volkov. She was discovered to have lied about some of her knowledge about the enemy base in order to get the Knights to help her. She was injured during the rescue attempt and is now with Cyra’s Resistance group.

Farouk - Owns and operates the Blue Parrot in Cairo, a nightclub frequented by Storm Knights and other travelers from various cosms.

Fatty Tsung - A mid-level Triad gangster and contact of the Rauru Block, a resistance group fighting the Pan Pacifica cosm. He helped the heroes during their mission to free a psionic test subject from a Pan Pacifica lab.

Haruki Okiwawa - A black market smuggler and Realm Runner from Pan-Pacifica who has helped the Storm Knights during their adventures in that cosm. He transports goods and people via a modified corporate helicopter. He has a street racer style and attitude, and is mainly motivated by money.

Hideaki Okada - An old gardener who oversaw tending to an abandoned Buddhist temple in Daisen, Japan. He was able to provide Kitsune with shelter when she was hiding from Kanawa security forces. He met Kash and William and led them to a meeting where they negotiated with the masked operative.

Major Jeff Chandler - The current commander of Fort Washington, a Core Earth hardpoint in the midst of the Living Land in the Washington Mall. He helped the Storm Knights out after they crash landed in the region, and tasked them with rescuing some civilians from a nearby apartment complex.

Joe - A Texas-born Realm Runner and pilot who helps to transport the Storm Knights on behalf of Kazuo. He’s been around the world a few times and visited more Cosms than some Knights will see in their entire lives. His family back in Houston has begun taking in other refugees from the Possibility War.

Kazuo Kojima - Head of security for Allied Technologies, secret agent of a group resisting the influence of Kanawa, is helping William and Adam during their travels around the globe.

Kitsune - A former Kanawa employee who fled her job after uncovering evidence of their involvement in experiments on psychics and Infected. Several of her relatives were murdered by her former bosses, and she became increasingly motivated by a desire to avenge them. She adopted a mask modeled on her alias and became a freelance operative working against Kanawa, and she nearly killed Kazuo Kojima in a misunderstanding when he tried to make contact with her. Kash and William were able to convince her to join the Delphi Council’s efforts.

Krystal - A former New Age devotee in the Georgia area who became a follower of Lanala. She asked the Knights to get some psychedelic mushrooms from a place called the Orange Meadow. Despite Kash’s romantic aspirations, she ended up being paired with Dr. Aaron Hardin, the Nile Empire explorer.

Lanala - The goddess of life and nature in the very spiritual Living Land. Inarguably the most powerful deity of the cosm, and she became a patron of the Knights after they rescued her from the plot to trap her in the God Box. Kash is particularly devoted to Lanala and her faith.

The Marshall Family - Spencer and his two kids Kathy and Wesley are a Core Earth family that became trapped in the Land Below after a rafting trip led them down a waterfall. The trio was split up by a variety of circumstances and the Knights helped Spencer reunited with his children after a long quest through Mertikka.

Meghna Narayan - A 43-year old policy analyst from the U.S. Department of Education. She became the defacto leader of a band of Core Earthers at the Henson Creek’s apartments. Meghna and her followers were rescued by the Storm Knights and ended up at Fort Washington.

Nasser ‘Scars’ Ghanem - A Cairo mobster, Nasser is a ranking soldier for the Baz Brothers. His face was badly scarred by acid, and he acts unpredictably, by turns jovial and sadistic. He always dresses in a pinstripe suit and fedora and carries a round-tipped cane. The Storm Knights helped save his life from a hit attempt by a rival gang.

Nigulas Kaljurand - An Estonian electrical engineer who works as a contact for the Delphi Council. He met the party in Tallinn, the Estonian capital, to report on surveillance footage that showed the escape route Dr. Sconce took through his country. He is weary of the war and uncertain about his homeland’s future now that it is caught between Aysle and Tharkold.

Nina - An acquaintance of Olivia’s who works in the Nile Empire as an autogyro pilot. She helped transport the team to the Anubis Club during their chase of some canopic jars in Cairo.

Patchy - A Romany drug dealer and general ne’er-do-well who operated out of a trailer parked on the outskirts of Castellamonte, Italy. He and his fellow Roma were attacked by a mob of angry locals, and the Storm Knights helped save him and most of the camp from the subsequent fire. He gave the team some components for fighting werewolves as thanks.

The Prowler - A masked mystery man from Terra, the home of the Nile Empire reality, aided William and Adam during their time in Cairo. He is the archfoe of “Mad Dog” Bayan, Cairo gang boss.

Queen Pella Ardinay - Queen of the forces of Light on Aysle, the nemesis of the Dark High Lord Uthorion. A powerful sorcerer, she has only recently overcome Uthorion’s possession of her body by foul magic. She is a valuable ally of the Delphi Council and the Storm Knights.

Quinn Sebastian - A middle-aged ex-mercenary, Sebastian convinced the U.N. to start the Delphi Council and now leads it. He is the overall commander of the Storm Knights who serve the Council.

The Raven - The Raven, also known as Yishara al-Haffah, is a former gymnast with short black hair, who donned the mask and her signature talons to fight the minions of Dr. Mobius after they killed her father. She was born and raised in Cairo and now uses her natural athletic ability and bull whip to take on the local villains, before setting her sights on the Pharaoh himself. She often teams up with the Shroud when he’s in town. She helped the Storm Knights escape from captivity by the Nile Empire.

Sahir Faisal - A dashing and handsome film star from the Nile Empire, he bought two canopic jars that were taken from an Imperial digsite near Abu Minquar. He also owns and manages The Anubis Club in Cairo.

Scarlett - A Core Earther who belonged to a band of survivors at the Henson Creek apartment complex. She joined the Storm Knights in their adventure pursuing Malacryx and the two human hostages she took from Fort Washington, Dr. Maxwell and Billy Stanley. Scarlett had a crush on Billy and was eventually able to help rescue him from Malacryx.

Shafira Azar - Shafira is the lead reporter for the Cairo Clarion. Born of an Egyptian father and a Scottish mother, she has long, light-brown hair and green eyes. Known for her fearlessness and dogged pursuit of a story, she wants to expose Mobius and his cronies for all their villainy. She has a network of informants and contacts throughout Cairo, and much of the Nile Empire, to access for news tips. Oswyn fell hard for her during their time together, but she did not seem interested in him.

Shans - A cyborg freedom fighter from the Realm of Tharkold. He crossed paths with the heroes during their failed operation in Dailan, China. He was subsequently abducted by the same traitors who betrayed the Knights. He was damaged in single combat with the hunchback Golo in India, a fight which he eventually won. The team re-encountered Shans in Tharkold, where the cyborg was now leading a group of Race soldiers who were raiding Russian slave convoys. He blamed the party for abandoning him in India but was convinced by Cyra to help them fight the Amber Knight and his army of the dead.

Dr. Sheila Maxwell - A capable and cool-headed doctor who was in charge of an aid station at Fort Washington. She and her aid Billy Stanley were abducted by the handmaidens of Malacryx during her theft of the God Box from the Smithsonian. Dr. Maxwell and Billy were eventually rescued at Chichen Itza.

SNOWFLAKE - A former CIA operative turned Delphi Council agent, SNOWFLAKE oversees the Council’s activities in the Nile Empire. He has made contact with the Mystery Men and briefed the heroes during their missions against the Hooded Cobra.

Suleman Hassain - Owner and editor of the Cairo Clarion, an underground newspaper. Before the war, Suleiman was a member of Egypt’s moneyed elite, but that all fell apart with the invasion. Plagued by debts and troubled by the new, aggressive villains in his homeland, Suleiman created the Clarion in the basement of one of his warehouses. The Clarion’s hard-hitting articles focus on the activities of gangs, villains, and Mobius himself, which has naturally caused it to collect quite a few enemies. Shafira is one of his star reporters, and he met the Storm Knights during the Fires of Ra adventure.

Sun Hyong - Sun was an immigrant from North Korea who had settled in Japan when the Contagion outbreak happened on Day One. His origins were as mysterious as his current fate, as he disappeared after he and Ayaka Kuroda were captured by Kanawa security troops.

Tariq Rauf - A cyberjacker and black market fixer from the Cyberpapacy. He was hunted by the Church Police for his association with Antonin Dufek. He met the Knights during their adventures in Bern, Switzerland.

Tivra Harish - An agent of the Delphi Council who had infiltrated the manse of Lady Barantyn in the guise of a loyal maid. She helped rescue the Knights from the clutches of Barantyn’s secret cult.

Zack Fiorello - A hard-working cameraman at a Italy TV station, he was partnered with Chiara Ianucci during her report on recent wolf attacks in the Castellamonte region. He was taken captive by Cardinal Babin’s werewolf cult and eaten during a live broadcast.

Enemies and Nemeses

Duke Aleksandr “the Wolf“ Volkov - President of the Russian Federation and now a Duke of Tharkold. He oversaw the dropping of a nuclear weapon over Moscow, creating the Blasted Land. He now controls most of Russia and is expanding the influence of Tharkold further across Eastern Europe. The United Nations has denounced Volkov’s actions after his involvement in a slaving ring was brought to light by the Storm Knights.

The Amber Knight - An Aylish construct built by Dwarves to help the Army of Light against the forces of Uthorion. He was destroyed by Tzumak, a Ravagon servant of the Gaunt Man who tore his amber heart from within his armored body. This heart would later end up in the body of Harrison. The heartless Amber Knight subsequently returned as an evil servant of the forces of Darkness, marching at the head of an army of undead who crossed from Aysle into Tharkold. The Knight was last seen sinking beneath the waters of Lake Peipus in Estonia.

Great Priest Amethia Cor Tal - Young, ambitious, and evil priestess of the Fire Temple in Tanta kellar, a Roman-esque civilization built around a volcano in the Land Below. The party saw her during their adventures in Merritika.

Anansi - Evil masked villainess with darkness powers who was involved in the battle to try and stop the destruction of the stelae at Al-Aqaba. She was defeated by the Storm Knights during a fight in a high tower at the ancient fort.

Cardinal Babin - A fanatic priest and Inquisitor of the Cyberpapacy, he was cursed by Bianca, a witch who lost friends and family to his torch-bearing adherents. He subsequently became a cyber-werewolf, a fact he managed to keep secret from his Papal masters through a pact with a demon known as Kronos, the Child-Eater. The Storm Knights defeated Kronos and Babin’s true nature was revealed when he transformed into a werewolf in public.

Babin became known as “Babin the Beast” and fled from his former allies in the Inquisition, committing a number of murders throughout the Cyberpapacy. He eventually developed an alternate identity as “Broussard”, a fugitive from the Inquisition. In this guise he befriended members of the cult of Damanhur in Northern Italy, eventually corrupting and converting the group into werecreatures like himself.

The party hunted down Babin in the cult compound and slew him with his True Death, ending his reign of terror.

Bare Knuckle Branko - The Retribution League’s go-to guy for heavy lifting, Branko is a strong man from somewhere in Eastern Europe, who has a reputation for fighting fair—most of the time, anyway. A few too many knockouts in the ring have made him dull-witted. He often wears a pugilist’s outfit, keeps his long mustache waxed, and has two huge, specially crafted boxing gloves, adorned with the stitching of a golden cobra. He has been humiliated a few times by the Storm Knights in their past encounters.

Baruk Kaah - High Lord of the Living Land. A vicious and savage Edeinos driven to conquer and unite the tribes under his rule. He was dealt a personal blow by the heroes when they destroyed Malacryx and the God Box. This setback has divided the Edeinos tribes.

Doctor Mobius - A mad scientist and masked villain from Terra, he has become the High Lord (and Pharaoh) of the Nile Empire. His history dates back to Ancient Egypt on his homeworld, and he was involved in many schemes to rule Terra before he acquired his Darkness Device. His forces invaded the African continent of Core Earth on Day One and he has expanded his empire more and more ever since.

Dr. Ernst Burkhaulter - Mad scientist in the employ of Doctor Mobius. He gathered the brains of a whole tribe of Ghost Clan Edeinos for an experiment involving a deadly death robot. He and his death robot were felled by the Knights and their new ally, Kash.

The Gaunt Man - The chief architect of the Possibility Wars and the utmost enemy of all Storm Knights, the Gaunt Man is the High Lord of the Orrorsh cosm. He is fascinated by evil and corruption and seeks nothing less than complete supremacy over the Infiniverse. He is aided in his plots by a cabal of inhuman and monstrous creatures known as the Nightmare Court.

Golo - Dr. Sconce's most able assistant is a misshapen hunchback named Golo. Golo is one of the doctor's first experiments - living creature made out of the pieces of corpses. Gala is loyal to Dr. Sconce to the point of fanaticism. The two are rarely apart.

Golo was recently transformed into a being of the Nile Empire cosm. He has returned after another presumed death to try and remove the heart from his nemesis, Harrison. He was finally killed by the Tharkold cyborg Shans when this plot was foiled. Shans had Golo’s head stuffed and mounted.

Major Grigorievich - A former KGB operative who now serves his old comrade Duke Volkov and Tharkold. His “Green Hammer” (Zelenyy Molot) unit works with slavers to gather test subjects to use in Russian processing facilities. He abducted the test subject Tashka after she was modified by the technodemon Sornomos.

Dr. Hakawa Mariko - A Kanawa corporate scientist who is in charge of the Kurill Island research facility where Ayaka Kuroda was transported after the events of Day One. She oversees a number of projects on the island base, including looking into the possible correlation between the Contagion and psychic powers, utilizing teen psychics against Tharkold, and examining the powers of foreign entities.

Sir Henry Killingsworth - A Nile villain and former big game hunter who wields a large rifle and expert marksmanship to take down his enemies. He is a member of Hooded Cobra’s Retribution League and attacked the Storm Knights during their adventure in the Lost City of Zembiti. He was badly wounded and captured in the encounter.

Lady Honoria Barantyn - Victorian lady who led a Secret Society at a Colonial mansion near Kolkata, India. The occultists, the Seekers of Kali, sought to wrench the Amber Heart from the body of Harrison, and Honoria tricked the Storm Knights into acquiring The Talon of Kali, a mystic dagger, to aid them in performing the ritual. She was ultimately stabbed by Kennington with the self-same knife.

The Hooded Cobra - The leader of the Retribution League is shrill, erratic, and possibly on the edge of actual insanity. He dresses much like a shocktrooper, except his headdress incorporates a mask that completely covers his face, and he wears a leather jerkin to protect his torso. He wields two electro-ray pistols he calls “The Cobra’s Fangs.” He seeks to gain the power of the Fires of Ra and use them against Pharoah Mobius.

Mayor Irina Simonova - Estonian mayor of the city of Narva. She claimed to be an ally of the Delphi Council but was discovered to be secretly aiding Duke Volkov but delivering unwanted refugees into the hands of Tharkold slavers. Her crimes were made public during a hearing at the UN.

Kazuo Kimura - Sixteen year old psychic test subject at the Kurill Islands Kanawa Corporation research facility. He was one of the “Champion” students at the secret school that Kanawa was running there, and he had the power to mentally control a scorpion-like Yokai called SPITEFUL. He and his fellow Champions led a revolt against their teachers and corporate guards that resulted in an outbreak of Infected. He was badly injured by Kash and subsequently killed by security troopers.

Kolo - An African gorilla who was subjected to the evil experiments of Dr. Burkhaulter. He then ruled over a tribe of semi-intelligent apes in the Lost City of Zembiti in the Republic of the Congo. He fought with the Knights and then Melumok, the massive snake guarding a Nightmare Tree that had grown in the ruins. The snake crushed him within its giant coils.

Lady Hourglass - Smooth-talking Lady Hourglass handles much of the Retribution League’s actual business, from smuggling rings to gambling dens. She is known for her hatred of weak women, and mocks any woman who needs to be rescued. She usually wears an expensive evening gown, embroidered with a cobra entwined around an hourglass, but her signature is the hourglass-shaped monocle she wears in her right eye, which gives her the ability to control the minds of others. She had her monocle smashed during her last encounter with the Storm Knights, but has undoubtedly replaced it by now.

Lin Tsang - Chinese member of the Rauru Block with connections to Fatty Tsung, Dailan Triad gangster. She assisted the Knights during their mission to try and abduct the scientist Dr. Desh Chandra from a Kanawa lab, but she ultimately betrayed them after Chandra’s death, handing the Knights into the custody of Golo and his new Nile Empire allies. Her current location is unknown.

Dr. Katahashi Nobu - Kanawa Corporate scientist who was tasked with researching “alien” (cross-cosm) entities displaying paranormal abilities at their Kirill Islands facility. She was involved in removing the occultech codex from Sigma’s body and later betrayed the Knights to escape on her own from a horde of Infected.

Lukas - Nile Empire villain who has a grudge against Olivia. Brother of Sybil.

“Mad Dog” Bayan - A ruthless gangster who rules the underworld of Cairo in the Nile Empire. He aided Dr. Sconce in a recent plot in exchange for the skills of Golo in eliminating a number of his gangland rivals. He is often opposed by the masked avenger known as The Prowler.

Malacryx - An optant henchman of Baruk Kaah who desired to marry the powerful High Lord. She was the chief motivator of a plot to steal the God Box from the Smithsonian and then trap the goddess Lanala within it. She and her handmaidens led the Storm Knights on a merry chase from the Living Land to the Land Below to Chicago and then to Chichen Itza. She was destroyed after she challenged Kash in a reality storm.

Mason - Remorseless gunslinger who served as Shaun Tinsley’s personal enforcer and bodyguard. He was defeated during a raid on an Eidenos camp.

Mauro Horvath - The leader of a cult called the Followers of Damanhur, located near Castellamonte, Italy. The cult had once been the secret hideout of a group of beneficent Benandati, good-aligned werewolves, but Cardinal Babin infiltrated and perverted the group’s purposes, controlling Horvath as his puppet. Horvath was slain when a lightning miracle he tried to cast misfired and dropped debris onto him.

Melumok - A bus-sized boa constrictor which was the horrific guardian of a Nightmare Tree which grew within the ruins of the Lost City of Zembiti. It was destroyed when the Tree was burned down by the Storm Knights.

Professor Plasmo - Professor Plasmo is a stereotypical “mad scientist,” even down to the thick goggles, shock of white hair, and work apron. He speaks with a simpering voice and punctuates his sentences with bursts of maniacal laughter. He was defeated by the Storm Knights after staging an attempted revenge on Shafira Azar, who had written some unflattering articles about him.

Queen Sekana - The undead former Queen of the Lost City of Zembiti. She confronted the party when they came in search of her bow, which is now an Eternity Shard. When the bow was taken from her grip, she disintegrated into dust.

Shaun Tinsley - Georgia rabble-rouser who established a right-wing militia group known as the Legacy of the Confederacy, dedicated to dividing the United States along the archaic boundaries of the Civil War. Influenced by the Gaunt Man, transformed to Orrorsh.

Sister Sofia - A Cybermonk serving the will of Cardinal Biban, she pretended to be an Aylish priestess of the Gods of Light in order to fool the Storm Knights. She revealed her true colors during their confrontation with Clive (a werewolf) and Bianca (a witch and enemy of Biban). She was killed by Kash, who had developed feelings for her.

Sornomos - A Tharkoldu who oversaw a processing facility in Zavidovo, Russia where captive refugees and slaves were experimented on. He worked with Major Grigorievich, another lieutenant of Duke Volkov. He was destroyed by an Aishan creature of his own creation during a fight with the Storm Knights.

Sybil - Nile Empire villain. Sister of Lukas. Has a grudge against Olivia.

Terran Martian - Unidentified Martian from the Terran cosm who had disguised themselves as a member of The Red Roc’s gang of thieves. Escaped aboard a flying saucer the Roc’s crew had been using in the Paris region.

Duke Thratchen - A Duke of Tharkold who lords over a region of the Blasted Land, vying for power against fellow Dukes Volkov and Jazrael. He has a curiosity about humans and Stormers in general, and has been proven to be willing to work with the Knights if it advances his own agenda. The team met with Thratchen and had a brief alliance with his forces against the invading army of the Amber Knight. They betrayed and killed one of his lieutenants, ending the partnership. It is unknown yet if Thratchen will seek revenge.

Tzumak - A Ravagon servant of The Gaunt Man who tore the Amber Heart out of the body of the Amber Knight. He later was sent to help Dr. Sconce in his venture in Tharkold, but ended up getting captured by the Storm Knights after a fight in Narva. He was shortly thereafter executed by the dwarven knight Virkus.

Vix - Goblin from the Dark Army who was forced to help the Knights during an adventure in the Aylish countryside. He accompanied the team on a few of their missions, typically motivated by the promise of more and better loot. Vix betrayed the Knights and joined with agents of the Legacy of Confederacy, a choice that resulted in his demise.

Dr. Wilhelm Sconce - Dr. Sconce resides in a grim castle at the southeastern tip of Majestic. He is a member of Victorian society who bent his genius toward finding a mystical means to destroy the Gaunt Man's power. As he studied the dark arts of the occult he was seduced by them. His lust for the occult led him to make a pact with the Gaunt Man. Although he carefully hid his change in nature from his fellow Victorians he became one of the Gaunt Man's prize agents of evil. Eventually Dr. Sconce impressed the Gaunt Man so much that the scientist was offered a position as a Nightmare for the invasion of Earth. Sconce readily accepted.

Sconce is a cousin of Kennington and used parts of William’s brother’s corpse to make Harrison. He had been captured by the Storm Knights and delivered into the hands of the Delphi Council. He subsequently escaped and attempted to transform a region of the Blasted Land into Orrosh territory. After his re-capture, Sconce committed suicide by hanging and left a note claiming “I go to a better place”.
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Episode 0 - Day One at Harajuku

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Episode 0 - Day One at Harajuku

Protagonists: Ayaka Kuroda, psychic schoolgirl & Sun Hyong, North Korean exile with dubious past

  • Fight against jiangshi and an infected human at a ramen noodle shop; jiangshi grabs Ayaka and jumps to the second floor of a nearby office building, Ayaka distracts the creature with it’s own reflection using a flashlight from her mobile phone, then hides in the stairwell leaving the jiangshi to run in the wrong direction; Sun fights against the infected human with a table umbrella, finally managing drive the shaft furiously through it;
  • Store owner Makoto rushes the protagonists to safety inside his shop; Sun refreshens in a shower and listens to the news while Ayaka tries get to the internet, screaming in frustration when is she is unable to get a connection and frightening Makoto and Sun; Sun finds sprays and lotions to mask the characters smell from the creatures prowling the streets and Ayaka grabs herself a sturdy wooden shield with a Triforce emblem painted on it;
  • Sun, Ayaka, and Makoto leave store as something strong and hungry is trying to get in and decide to head to the Meiji Jingu shrine; Sun manages to hijack an abandoned car, soon after that they come across a burned-down police barricade, where a jiangshi is prowling; Sun rams the jiangshi with a car, then recovers a 9mm pistol from one of the slain officers;
  • Arriving to the Meiji Jingu shrine, the protagonists see a girl weeping in front of the shrine gate, black tears streaming to the ground from her eyes, then she turns around to look at the protagonists with her pitch-black eyes and dies; after some questioning the protagonists are let inside by the survivors at the shrine and the protagonists meet Ayumu Kato, the depressed shrine maiden, Akira Sato & Yusei Fujimoto, the arguing elderly friends and Kenshin Matsuo, the drunken businessman; Ayaka tells about her vision of ancient samurai armour and swords and is told by Ayumu that such armaments are in the museum further back in the shrine grounds; the party proceeds to the museum and Sun is able to persuade Ayumu to let him don the armour and take the swords; Ayaka has further visions which show a building in flames, a strange greenhouse, and a Korean man clad in black, Sun picks his mind recalling what he knows through his previous career about the protocols of the Japanese Aerial Self-Defence Forces in situations like these and figuring out from which direction the planes would most probably come; returning to the shrine proper, Yusei tells that he can’t find Akira anywhere and asks the protagonists to help him to find his missing friend; as they try to look for Akira, the protagonists are jumped on by a jiangshi leaping at them from a nearby tree; Ayaka distracts the creature with holy rolling of scriptures and Sun manages to shoot the jiangshi but not before it has leaped up to the second floor of the shrine and frightened Ayumu, prompting her to claim that the shrine has been desecrated and has to be purified by flame; the protagonists manage to talk Ayumu down from burning the shrine and decide to leave the shrine to investigate the Kanawa construction site;
  • Slipping inside the Kanawa construction site through gap in the metal wall, the protagonists find the place strewn with dead bodies, apparently shot by the two machine-gun turrets guarding the entrance to the building; as the protagonists consider their next step, a yokai rushes in from the woods, breaking off branches from trees like they were twigs, soon after that the corpses on the construction site start to twitch and rise up, prompting the automated machine-guns to start firing at them again; the protagonists take advantage of the machine-guns concentrating on the rising corpses and run for the entrance of the building, Ayaka uses her psychometric abilities to figure out the correct code for the keypad lock, in the distance the protagonists see the shrine going up in flames; as they slip into the building, the protagonists come across a scientist and barge into a laboratory, where they see also the strange greenhouse, they question the scientist and find out the purpose of the building and how it is connected to the riots and the infected roaming Harajuku, after that a squad of Kanawa security troopers enters the lab, the black-clad Korean squad leader orders Ayaka taken in for questioning and Sun as well the scientists purged; fade to black...
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Episode 1 - The Eye of the Dragon

Postby mathey » Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:47 pm

Act I

A dark and stormy night….


Victorian vampyre hunter William Kennington III and the monstrous Adam “Harrison” Ha-Rishon go to the coast of Borneo investigating a castle laboratory belonging to the infamous Dr. Sconce. Sconce is an evil scientist and servant of the Gaunt Man who was involved in the creation of Harrison from parts of the dead, including Kennington’s own brother.

The Storm Knights discover it is only manned by Gospog of the First Planting, undead minions, which are preparing to destroy the lab and evidence inside with lit torches. The duo defeat the Gospog in close combat, search the lab for clues: they find a journal about the use of Eye of the Dragon, an artifact of Orrorsh origin, in the lab, and evidence that three men from Japan stole it - Sconce ordered the place destroyed to cover up the work done there after the theft.

The Eye of the Dragon is an Eternity Shard from Orrorsh, and it has powers observation over an entire region through the orb’s reflection. Kennington gets a full history on the object and a dark occult ritual which could be used to make it work. The ritual involves sacrificing the eye of a loyal servant, burning the eye, and chanting some black magic spell.

According to the evidence they find after escaping the destroyed lab, three young Japanese businesspeople stole the Eye from Dr. Sconce. They presumably work for the Tokyo-based Allied Technologies corporation, based on credit card records recovered from a Borneo-area boat rental they visited before going to the lab where the Eye was.


The duo travel to Tokyo via a Realm Runner’s cargo plane and are overwhelmed by the strange sights and sounds of the city. They get Kennington’s Sterlings converted to currency they can use elsewhere in the world, then look to investigate the office building of Allied Technologies.

They sneak into Allied Technologies and knock out some security guards. They are discovered while in an elevator and speak to Kazuo Kojima, the head of security for the corporation. He invites them up to his office to talk, saying that he was expecting company - but not them. There have been a number of mysterious break-ins at the offices, but nothing has been discovered missing. Kojima says he suspects corporate ninja from a rival are involved.

In the midst of their conversation, the Storm Knights discover corp ninja breaking in. A fight breaks out in the top floor offices, and they capture a ninja, killing the other two during the battle.

Act II

Interrogating the captured corporate ninja, they learn they have been planting Eternity Shards in hidden locations inside of Kojima’s office on behalf of their client. The plot is apparently to lure the agents of the High Lords to attack Allied Technologies offices, thinking they’re behind the thefts. The ninja does not reveal his employer.

Suddenly, a hideous Orrorsh vampyre attacks, crashing in through a window of the Tokyo skyscraper. The Storm Knights battle the Vampyre in Kojima’s office; they manage to stake him after he takes out a number of AT security guards. They dismember him and have the parts divided up to take them to four different compass directions. Searching the gory remnants, they find a letter from Dr. Sconce directing the monster to their location and saying that the vampyre should try and recruit Harrison and not kill him.

They then discover that the ninja mercenary they had captured and questioned has escaped from the building during the confusion, but Kojima notes he will likely have to commit ritual suicide due to his failed mission.


Kojima notices something curious about Harrison’s bared right arm, part of which has a Japanese tattoo. He doesn’t explain what he finds strange about it, but he clearly recognizes its origin and perhaps even the man to whom it once belonged.

Checking the Eternity Shards the ninja had been hiding in a secret chamber in Kojima’s office, they determine the identities and origins of each - they include the El Kharga Dagger from the Nile Empire, the Eye of the Dragon from Orrorsh, scrolls from the Rennes le Chateau in the Cyberpapacy, and an original claymore from Battle of Bannockburn, which is a shard from Aysle.

William deduces from some scant clues about the paper and the handwriting that Sconce’s note was written during a trip in the Nile Empire, meaning that this is the most recent location of their nemesis.

Kojima offers to pay the two for delivering the shards to their respective home realms, but William spots Nile Empire stormtroopers flying in over the roof of the Allied Technologies building in an Egyptian airship. Meanwhile, a red-robed Aysle wizard and several Cyberpriests also make their way toward the structure in a three-way assault. It appears that the plot of the corporate ninja’s client is working and the High Lord’s agents are arriving simultaneously!

The two Knights take the shards and get out of the building, stealing a Honda Fit automobile to drive into the Tokyo streets. They are pursued by the Cyberpriests in a hovercar and the Imperial stormtroopers in an autogyro, and the wizard eventually joins the chase using spells to try and keep up. After a dangerous series of maneuvers through the busy thoroughfares and a number of explosions, they manage to shake their pursuers by tricking them into going after a nearly identical Honda Fit also in traffic. The fate of the hapless driver is presumed to be most unforunate.

William and Adam reach the Tokyo docks where they are met by a Realm Runner sea captain working for Kojima. The captain has a cargo boat and is ready to take them away from Japan to the distant realm of the Nile Empire in continued pursuit of Wilhelm Sconce. The Storm Knights bear the many Eternity Shards with them, planning to return them to their respective realms during their journey.

Subplot: Suspicion - The letter from Dr. Sconce about recruiting Harrison
Subplot: True Identity - The arm tattoo that Kojima recognized on Harrison’s body

Adventure Award: 10 Possibilities Each
William buys Dodge 3, Unarmed Combat 2 (5 Possibilities)
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Episode 2 - Brainstorm

Postby mathey » Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:48 pm

Act I


The Storm Knights and their Realm Runner contact Joe head to Cairo, Egypt to investigate the clues indicating that Dr. Sconce had recently been there. They enter the borders of the Nile Empire and find themselves in a 1930’s-version of the city, populated by colorful characters out of a early 20th Century pulp story.

Joe, a Texas Realm Runner and expert pilot, knows of a club in Cairo called the Blue Parrot that may help them find clues to Sconce’s location and what to do with the El Kharga Dagger eternity shard. The Storm Knights check into a hotel called the Cairo Jewel and settle into their rooms before heading out once more to the local marketplace. William hires a porter named Hajib to help transport his luggage and the two men adopt local dress to try and blend in, with Kennington putting on a stylish fez.

The heroes visit the Blue Parrot nightclub, a shadowy hangout that turns out to be frequented by many Storm Knights from different realms. A man named Farouk is the owner, and after speaking to William and Harrison, he introduces them to Colonel Hastings, a monster hunter from Orrorsh who is also fighting the members of the Nightmare Court. The three hunters discuss some recent murders of local gang members by some sort of monstrous beast from Orrorsh.

Hastings radios a mystery man from Terra known as The Prowler, asking for help in sneaking into the local morgue. Harrison and William get into the building with the Prowler and check the corpses of some recent victims. The group’s investigation turns up clues pointing to the culprit being Golo, a hideous hunchback creation of Dr. Wilhelm Sconce and his chief lab assistant. The Prowler tells the Storm Knights that Golo has been killing rivals of the local mobster “Mad Dog” Bayan.

They go to a warehouse owned and operated by Bayan and see that a delivery truck is unloading cargo for storage inside. They find Golo inside and launch an ambush, fighting on the roof of the warehouse and down among the crates inside. As the Prowler shoots it out with Bayan’s gun thugs, William holds off two strongback thugs and the two Sconce monsters clash in brutal melee.

After Golo is struck by an errant bolt of lightning from a growing storm, he is transformed into a being from the Nile Empire cosm, changing to a more classic pulp variety of monster-man. With his foe disoriented by the reality effect, Harrison attunes to the El Kharga dagger to power up and lands a mighty blow that sends Golo flying off of the warehouse and landing him on a lamppost near the Nile River. Golo falls from the post and into the dark waters of the river, disappearing into its depths. This incident is powerful and memorable enough to fill Ords in the region with possibility energy for the next month. Glory in Cairo.

The Storm Knights knock out the goons and Harrison interrogates one of the captives as William checks out the crime scene, opening one of the strange crates being delivered to the warehouse. The detective finds that it contains strange laboratory equipment, some of it akin to the Weird Science common to the Nile Empire and some more like the gear that Dr. Sconce uses in his mad science. Piecing things together, William determines that the gear is someone related to the storage and modification of living brains!

The crates seem to be intended to go to a desert canyon outside of Cairo, where there is apparently a science research facility run by the lackeys of Dr. Mobius. The recipient is listed as a “Dr. Burkhaulter”. The Storm Knights agree to go check out the place and see what if any connection is has to the evil Sconce.

Act II

Kennington and Harrison head out to the desert to search for Dr. Burkhaulter’s hideout in a jeep. Not far from Cairo they come upon a deserted Bedouin camp by an oasis. They find out that the occupants had died because the oasis had been poisoned. They bury the corpses and continue further into the desert. Approaching a mountain range, they see something glimmer.

William and Adam meet a nomad tribe woman named Bahira hiding out on a nearby dune. She is the only survivor of the Bedouin camp that was poisoned by the Nile Empire. Bahira tells the heroes about the fate of her people and the dangers of the desert. The Imperials appear to be trying to keep outsiders and interlopers away from a canyon where they have a secret science facility.

The duo are guided by their nomad friend to the valley, which is guarded by numerous Shocktroopers and features an airfield and zeppelin tower. The lab is surrounded by canyon walls, from which the heroes survey the scene and consider making a move. Before they can descend and enact their plan to infiltrate the main lab building, they hear the hoofbeats of many horses and camels bearing a raiding group of nomads. Their native guide tells them that the nomads are from a sinister gang that troubles the Egyptian desert.

As the raiders attack the Empire camp, the heroes take advantage of the distraction to descend from the clifftops, fighting some Shocktroopers in the confusion. They get into the main building and find Dr. Burkhaulter in his laboratory, with multiple brains tied up to an archaic machine. William and Adam demand answers about Sconce’s connection to Burkhaulter, but the Empire scientist seems to not know the name. He pulls a lever and activates his Death Robot - a large mechanical man with a brain in its glass canopy. He orders it to kill the intruders and calls for more guards to come to his aid!


A camouflaged Edeinos named Kash fires a potent compound bow from concealment and joins the fight. He has come all the way from the Living Land to seek several missing Edeinos who have been used in the evil experiments at the Nile Empire laboratory. He aids Adam and William against the robot with his archery and nimble lizard acrobatics. Now numbering three rather than two, Harrison, Kash, and Kennington defeat the Death Robot, Dr. Burkhaulter, and the Stormtroopers who come to try and aid the mad scientist.

A fire is started during the fight as a result of lab equipment and chemicals being damaged. Searching the room before it is engulfed in fire, Kennington finds a memo about shipment of gear to airship Akhmet, which is taking off from the burning lab. Harrison takes the glass-enclosed braincase from the fallen Death Robot and takes it with him.

Empire forces evacuate as the facility goes up in flames. The evil nomad tribe also retreats, seemingly finished with whatever caused them to make their attack. The Storm Knights discuss what to do next then board the airship via an attached tower. Harrison waves goodbye to the Bedouin tribe woman Bahira. The zeppelin cruises away from the desert canyon and moves north, entering a reality storm on the borders of the Empire.

The party bypasses the gondola and sneak into the interior superstructure of the airship. The team finds that the interior of the airship has strange growths and a compartment near the top as well as the normal gondola at the bottom of the craft. There is evidence that they have entered a hardpoint of the Orrorsh cosm, as indicated by the gloomy atmosphere and signs of steampunk tech mixed with pulp weird science. The group suspects Dr. Sconce is somehow responsible.

The trio sneak past some Gospog of the First Planting who are lurking in the superstructure of the zeppelin. They clamber up some girders and catwalks to reach the locked and sealed chamber near the top of the ribbed hull. The group discovers a hatch door which is locked shut, but Kennington cracks the lock and is able to open the hatch, revealing a generator room with a massive rotating lightning rod that juts out of the top of the zeppelin. The misshapen hunchback monster Golo is at the controls of the rod, pulling levers to turn it around and gather power from the raging reality storm.

Confronting the hideous creature for the second time, the Storm Knights team up to take on a group of Gospog that rise up from several fetid pools beneath the platform. The room is filled with conflicting reality energy and electricity, causing complications for the combatants as they face off. Cutting down the shambling undead, the trio clashes with Golo and Kennington is wounded by the bestial patchwork-man’s club. Harrison grabs hold of the other creation of Sconce and flings him bodily from the chamber through a tear in the zeppelin’s skin and out into the stormy sky. Glory near Jordan.

Kennington is able to disable the generator, but discovers that it has already gathered enough of a charge to power a device being controlled by Dr. Sconce in the gondola cabin. Examining the occult technology linking the lightning rod to the lower level of the airship, the vampyre hunter deduces that the machine is some sort of “fear projector”. It is now powering up and ready to be fired over North Africa.

The Storm Knights descend from the generator room and reach the gondola hatch, discovering that it is manned not by living crew members but reanimated mummy creatures under the thrall of Dr. Wilhelm Sconce. The evil scientist of the occult prepares to fire the fear projector and Kenning calls out his cousin for his nefarious activities. Sconce taunts his relation and directs the undead Egyptians to keep his foes at bay….

Switched to Torg Eternity after receiving the rulebook as a result of the Kickstarter in Act III, gave the heroes 20 XP to represent their previous experiences.

Act IV

The Storm Knights fight mummified crewman and Dr. Willhelm Sconce on the bridge of the modified airship. A reality storm rages outside as Kennington works on deactivating the Brainstorm device of Sconce; taunts traded between the two geniuses about their respective intellects.

Demon-fire flask thrown at Harrison by Sconce; nightmares appear to each of the heroes:

Kennington sees headline in a newspaper calling him a fraud
Kash sees Lanala disapproving of him
Harrison sees claws ripping open a chest

Kash shoots a mummy in the face, a mummy manages to injure Harrison with dagger in chest, lights go out in the cabin.

They are able to stop the Brainstorm device, but the gondola windows are shattered. Mummy falls out broken window, then other two are taken down by Kash’s claws. Flung outside in the battle, Harrison dangles from mooring line but Kash saves him with his acrobatics and judicious use of his helpful tail. Kennington disables the rudder of airship as it begins to descend from the sky.

Harrison is struck by lightning and briefly turns on Kennington, but damages controls instead. Sconce tries to escape into the airship interior but the crash of of the airship into a desert canyon wall stops him. Sconce surrenders to the Storm Knights. The party goes to the isle of Crete and meets Quinn Sebastian of the Delphi Council. They turn the mad scientist over to the organization and agree to help with a request for help hunting a werewolf in Asyle.
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Episode 3 - The Curse of the Werewolf

Postby mathey » Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:51 pm

Act I


The Knights are sent by the Delphi Council to London, a Core Earth hardpoint on the British Isles. The party has a meeting with Queen Pella Ardinay at the Houses of Parliament. She tells them of a wolfman that has attacked several Aylish citizens. They gather some monster hunter supplies offered by the local branch of the Delphi Council.

The Storm Knights go to the British Museum, site of a werewolf attack and the theft of a moon rock on display in a space exhibit. Looking at images on the museum security cameras and using other clues they identify the werewolf’s human form as a haggard middle-aged man with Victorian dress. They discern that the creature escaped across the rooftops of the nearby buildings and headed westward with his prize. It is conjectured that the monster may be plotting to enact some sort of dark ritual involving the moonstone. They determine that they should go west into the Aylish countryside to the site of another werewolf sighting (Windsor) and on to Oxford, site of another moon rock.


Head to Windsor by carriage, on the road Kennington notices a waylaid traveller and Kash finds a dead farmer at a farmstead. The Knights are ambushed by a band of four goblins. Their leader, Vix, gets captured, but the rest are killed. Kash finds a Bracelet of Protection among their loot.

The group finds that the werewolf stopped by Windsor to grab some wolfsbane, an herb long associated in magical circles with the curse of lycanthropy.


They travel on to Oxford and investigate further. Their goblin captive helps Harrison when asking around dark corners of the town, and the others spend some time at the Eagle and Child, a local pub.

A bar brawl is started between the Storm Knights and some drunken Vikings. They win the fight and meet a female monk named Sister Sofia, a follower of the Aylish Gods of Light. She says she is also seeking for the werewolf, and believes he will soon strike the Oxford library, the location of a rare witchcraft tome known as The Book of Shadows.

XP: 5

Act II

Kash and Harrison are waiting in the Oxford university library as they expect the wolfman to break in there to steal the Book of Shadows. Kash hears a scream from the outside and he as well as Harrison head out to investigate. They find a woman in Victorian clothing lying on the ground - she says something about “Clive” before she expires. The heroes hear screams and smashing sounds coming from the Oxford library and rush to respond.

The werewolf is in the library, carrying the Book of Shadows. Sister Sofia has been knocked out and two scholars have been killed, causing the others in the library to flee. The Storm Knights confront the lycanthrope among the stacks of books and scrolls, pursuing the beast as it flees from the building for the woods to the east. They chase it through the dark forest and are able to cut off its escape at a cliff overlooking a nearby lake.

The cornered werewolf rips off one of Harrison’s arms and flings it into the water, severely wounding the Orrorshan. Kash manages to knock the book out of its grip, and the werewolf leaps into the lake to flee. The beast is greeted in the water by a rowboat manned by two hooded figures, and they sail east up the Thames toward London. Kash recovers the disembodied arm of his companion and Sister Sofia arrives to aid them in their continued pursuit of the monster.

The Knights make contact with a Gnome named Willy, the captain of a steampunk-style steamboat which takes them upriver. Sofia burns the Book of Shadows and declares her intention to stop whoever is helping the werewolf. She and Kash share the first hints of a romantic relationship as they discuss their respective belief systems, but Harrison becomes suspicious of the woman the more he learns about her.

The boat reaches an isle off the coast of England where the werewolf (now in his human form) is taking part in an occult ritual led by a female witch. Harrison distracts the cultists and the lycanthrope as Sofia and Kash sneak up from another approach. Calling on a drone robot she controls remotely, Sofia attacks the “heretics” in the name of the Cyberpope, revealing her real identity as an agent of the Cyberpapacy. She shoots the witch in the back and her drones mercilessly gun down the two other cultists helping in the ritual.

Harrison and Kash confront one another over Sofia’s revelation, with the Edeinos still trying to convince himself that she is a spiritual ally. Harrison’s sympathies end up laying with Clive the werewolf and the wounded witch who was leading the ritual. Sofia attacks Clive, and he transforms into his bestial monster form, tackling the cyber-agent and tumbling to the shoreline below. Harrison helps stabilize the witch - Bianca Venucci - and she instructs him on how to help her complete the spell. He momentarily struggles with the Ayslish reality, but his Sacellum crucifix becomes enchanted as he pours his faith into it.

Bianca’s ritual is completed despite the absence of the Book of Shadows, and Clive’s curse is removed, turning him back into a weakened Victorian man. Sofia remains defiant and determined to slay the heretics on behalf of her patron, a Papal Cardinal named Babin. Realizing he has little choice, a heartbroken Kash kills Sofia with his clawed hands.

Clive reveals that the woman he had killed in his cursed form was his own wife, Helena, and that he had originally sought the means to free himself from his lycanthropy. He had been an academic on Gaea who became trapped on a jungle plateau during an expedition far from civilization. He had managed to survive starvation by engaging in cannibalism, and it was this corrupting act that marked him as a beast. He and his wife had crossed over onto Earth but Helena had fled to England after learning about her husband’s terrible secret and monstrous transformations.

Bianca tells the Knights that she has transferred the occultic curse from Clive to her nemesis, Cardinal Babin, a zealous fanatic who had sought to catch and execute the witch. She had taken shelter with her aunt and a cousin, but the Church Police under Babin’s command slew them when her hiding place was discovered. She managed to escape to Aysle, vowing revenge on Babin. She met Clive during his search for his wife on the British Isles, and offered to help him lose his curse in exchange for stealing the components for the ritual to put it on the Cardinal. The deaths caused by Clive in his werewolf form were a tragic consequence of their desperate plot.

Taking pity on the tragic Victorian, Harrison has Clive swear on his cross to help the Knights combat the Gaunt Man and his agents. Bianca also agrees to assist the Delphi Council, saying she expects Babin’s own former allies will soon slay him when he displays the first signs of lycanthropy.

A shaken and saddened Kash denies that he had any feeling for Sofia, but a still-wounded Harrison tries to comfort the savage warrior and says they must continue their quest to fight the High Lords.

Searching the body of the dead cyber-spy as they prepare to bury her at sea, the Storm Knights find a message to Sofia from Cardinal Babin informing her of a Resistance agent who is believed to have gone missing in the former Chunnel Tunnel which once connected France to England. The Delphi Council asks the Knights to follow up on the intelligence they have gained and go investigate the underwater tunnel system and prevent the Cyberpapacy from nabbing the Resistance operative.

XP: 5

Harrison picked up the Perk for the Victorian medal for the Campaign in the Nile Empire, awarded for his Glory fighting Sconce and Golo aboard their airship.

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Episode 4 - The Tunnel

Postby mathey » Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:52 pm

Dover, England

The Storm Knights are told about an French Resistance operative who had entered a cavern that had once been the site of the Channel Tunnel. The Delphi Council asks the team to enter the transformed train system and locate the missing agent.

Entering the complex cave system of the Land Between, the heroes come across a group of Lurks led by a Wight in some sort of Dark ritual. They defeat the villains and reach the entrance to a maze of corridors that they have to carefully navigate. After figuring out the safe path through the underground labyrinth, they come face-to-face with a bull-headed monster. The minotaur pursues them until they are able to finally escape its maze.

Crossing into a futuristic section of the tunnels, they find that they are now closer to the exit that leads out to the Cyberpapacy. Here they discover that the agent they are hoping to rescue is being held by a massive troll. The fantasy monster has a number of cybernetic implants as a result of being transformed to the cyberpunk cosm.

As they are rescuing the Resistance operator from the cyber-troll, a force of Cyberpapacy Church Police led by a Cyberpriest arrive to come and take him into custody. A fight breaks out in the tunnel exit, and the slightly overwhelmed Knights have to make a break for it, escaping back into the caves of the Land Between. They are able to rescue the agent and a handful of the equipment crates for the Delphi Council.

XP: 5
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Episode 5 - The Battle of Al Aqaba

Postby mathey » Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:53 pm

Petra, Jordan

The Delphi Council brings together the militaries of Israel and Jordan in an unprecedented alliance, as part of a plan to uproot a stela on the coast of Jordan near the port city of Al Aqaba. As they were one of the Storm Knight parties that contributed a Glory to the region, William, Harrison, and Kash are sent to Petra to help lead the effort. They meet with the commanders of the two forces in a camp near the ancient ruins, sensing the considerable tension between both sides given their histories.

While they are talking over their plans for the coming battle, William senses a sound like a fuse running down somewhere in the vicinity. Pointing out the dangerous trail leading to the camp’s ammo depot, he exclaims a warning to the others. Harrison answers the alarm by lifting up a bench and flinging it out of the briefing tent and directly onto the lit fuse, cutting it off before it can reach its explosive charge.

The Storm Knights investigate the attempt at sabotage while the camp buzzes with rumors that one side or the other was involved. They are able to determine that neither the Jordanians or Israelis are to blame, but rather a third party which managed to sneak into the camp unseen. This turns out to be a masked villainess known as Anansi, an African saboteur with pulp powers related to the creation of darkness. Thanks to their investigation and the evidence that they show the commanders, they are able to dispel the gossip about betrayal and unite the two sides in purpose against the nefarious Nile Empire.

The Knights also make contact with their Bedouin friend Bahira, telling her to bring her nomadic tribesmen to aid in the coming fight.

Al Aqaba, Jordan

The heroes then turn their attention to scouting out the enemy fortress at Aqaba, sneaking into the area and gathering intel on what defenses they can expect in the coming assault. They spot the stela in the courtyard of the ancient fort, a location built by Crusaders in medieval times. It has been heavily reinforced by the WWII-era armaments of the Nile Empire and is guarded by a large number of shocktroopers led by a stern officer. Anansi, the aforementioned pulp villain, is also at hand, acting as an aide to the officer.

Deciding that they should infiltrate the fort and weaken its defenses before the Bedouin-Israeli-Jordanian alliance attacks, the trio speaks to a local merchant Kash befriended who is named Shala. She arranges for the Knights to be bundled up in a delivery of Persian carpets that is being sent to the fort’s commander. Kash, William, and Harrison are rolled up among the rugs and past safely through the gate of the fort, getting them inside its stone walls.

William sneaks into the command building wearing a shocktrooper uniform, scaling the walls with Kash and Harrison. As he prepares to send a prepared signal to the group’s Bedouin allies, however, he is caught in the act by Anansi, who remarks, “Aren’t you a little pale for a shocktrooper?” The alarm soon goes out, but the assembled forces descend upon the walls of the fort, besieging it in a well-planned assault.

The Storm Knights battle with Anansi and the fort commander around the multi-tiered command building, defeating the villains before turning to uprooting the stela. They clear out the shocktroopers who are defending the courtyard and then deal with several mobs of Gospog who rise up around them. A Ravagon descends as the last alert from Mobius’ Darkness Device tries to get more defenses there, but the team takes it down and successfully destroys the stela. A wave of possibility energy floods back into the region as the area returns to Core Earth, handing Pharoah Mobius a solid defeat.

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Episode 6 - Demon's Den

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Act I


Meet at holiday resort in Cyprus with Fadhila, a U.N. contact who requests that Kash and Kennington help meet with a contact located in Tharkold.

Meet another Storm Knight with the Delphi Council, Secret Service agent Blake Rodriguez.


Get gear, ask some questions about the mission and the threats in the region - Sadovo, near the border of a Tharkold Mixed Zone. The contact is a Thrall named Cyra; she has valuable intel that is time sensitive. She is working in a ore processing facility run by a local Cyberdemon Dretzekoth. Storm Knights are to meet with local Race resistance and then help get Cyra out safely.

Joe, the Realm Runner pilot, and Vix come with the Knights.

Meet resistance reps, local Russians, get clothes to disguise the Knights, tools for remove the slave collar. Resistance tells about the facility where Cyra is located.

Vix, William, Kash, and Blake walk through the wasteland to the ore processing facility - about a two hour trip; Blake is suspicious of Kash, due to bad experiences back in the Living Land

Find the compound, scout it out, see a cargo truck enter the compound, some guards, and many Thralls

Kash and Vix attempt to infiltrate the facility by going over a wall.

The Knights sneak inside after Kash takes out a Thrall guard; Blake puts on the guard’s outfit and the others pretend to be Thralls as well.

The team sees a group of Thralls watching a cybernetic Ghulhound attacking a hapless slave. Help him out, he leads the Storm Knights to Cyra. The team disarms Cyra’s collar, but after Blake tosses it aside, it explodes and blows open a door alerting the camp guards.

The heroes flee for a truck while under fire by Dretzekoth’s Thralls. They manage to drive out of the camp but Ghulhounds and Dretzekoth himself pursues them across the hillocks. Blake drives, Kash fires his bow, and William taunts the cyberdemon, enraging him to the point of losing control of his flight and smashing into a ruin of a building. Kash punctuates the humiliation with an explosive arrow - and the slaves of the seemingly unstoppable cyberdemon witness the act. GLORY near Sadovo, Russia.

The enraged demon continues to pursue the heroes in the truck, firing its energy beam at the battered vehicle. It uses a dark magic spell to deaden the senses of his prey, making it difficult for them to see. Kath uses his tail to help the confused Blake drive the truck, and William advises him on the obstacles in their path. Pointing out a culvert in a ditch that can barely fit the truck, William helps Blake drive the truck away from Tharkold and into the Core Earth realm.

XP: 5 (Total 45)

Act II

Dretzekoth has a Thrall named Denna in Istanbul to buy a super-weapon for a Duke he is serving under. The dealer is named Bakir Remzi, a smuggler active in the Mediterranean. Sultan’s Hideout, hotel, is where Denna is waiting before the meet with Remzi’s people.

At the airport, blue and red colors form into a huge swarm of bats suddenly, causing panic in the crowd. Knights scatter for some cover, Blake shoots out a skylight to release the bats. Kash gets Kennington and Blake out of the panicked crowd with an acrobatic maneuver. Blake yells at the crowd over an intercom to get them to move in an orderly fashion out of the terminal, Kennington advises him to not call them “idiots”. The crowd complies and order is restored.

Examine a bat, Kennington says they seem local but have weird coloring - similar to North African species. Local police mention other strange appearances/instances, like sand and rocks appearing out of nowhere.

Get rental car - SUV - drive to Sultan’s Hideout hotel. Blake notices woman with long-necked instrument getting into another car - send plates to Fadhila, suspicious. Kash puts on headscarf to disguise himself. Kennington investigates local shifty types for Denna’s locale in disguise. Blake spots suspect hotel guest with slave collar going into room 313. Texts Kennington, finds Kash lurking around in disguise trying to appear human (“Hello, fellow humans!”).

Fadhila texted that a person named Neema rented the car.

Kash gets himself and Blake into a room in an adjacent apartment building to spy on room 313. Kennington, disguised as a hotel staff member, goes to neighboring room in hotel. Blake sees four Tharkold Thralls with submachine guns; one matches Denna’s description. They get a call telling them a restaurant name and leave for meeting.

Knights follow in SUV. Shimmering in the air with red and blue, sudden wave of water hits the street, a ship’s prow appears in the middle of the road and Blake swerves to avoid it. Crocodiles also appear in the water. Kash rescues a little boy stranded aboard the ship and Blake and Kennington continue pursuing the Tharkold Thralls through the flooded street.

Kash kills the crocodile attacking himself and the boy he has saved. Another crocodile tries to snap at Kennington through a window, but he traps its snout and bops it on the nose. Blake sideswipes some furniture on the roadside to shake the croc loose and leave it behind. Blake honks his horns and flashes his lights at the carload of Thralls.

Kash spots the lady with the strange instrument measuring from a car in a side street. The car pulls up next to the Edeinos. He agrees to ride with her. The Thralls reach the restaurant and the SUV follows them. Kennington and Blake ride up a window washer’s lift and then bust into the room where the Thralls are meeting Bakir Remzi and his men.

Kash seeks out the other two Storm Knights and joins them alongside the Nile agent Neema.
A brawl ensues in the restaurant meeting room between the Knights, the smuggler, the Thralls, and Nile forces. The thugs working for Bakir Reimzi surrender when Kennington threatens to set off the superweapon lying on the table with his gun, but Denna and Neema tell her people to grab the weapon from Kennington after he grabs it out of Reimzi’s hands.

Kash leaps out with Kennington and the weapon to keep it from the villains. Denna, Neema, and Reimzi all try to claim the weapon while attacking the Knights, but Blake escapes the restaurant and joins the others at the SUV. The Storm Knights return to the local airport and escape with the super-weapon.

XP: 5 (Total 50)

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Episode 7 - The Mind-Killer

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Act I

Dailan, China

Briefed by Delphi Council about Dr. Desh Chandra, who escaped from Orrorsh after his family was killed by monsters. Dr. Chandra is working for a biotech company called Bell-Tsung in Dailan, China and might have useful information about Gaunt Man’s operations in India. The Knights are sent to Dailan to meet up with Chandra to try and convince him to share his information with Delphi Council.

The team meets up with Mr. Wong at the airport and get driven to a hot springs resort owned by Fatty Hung, a local businessman and crime boss. They get introduced to Hung and Lin Tsang, the local Rauru block contact. Tsang shares information about Chandra’s corporate owned residence and the security setup there.

Fatty tells the team that Chandra’s secretary Pei Zhang owes a large debt to his organization, a fact that they use as leverage on her. They arrange up a meeting with Dr. Chandra through his Pei as associates of a “Dr. Sconce”. The group splits up to infiltrate the facility, with some using the rooftop while the others enter to speak with Chandra in person.

There is an unexpected alarm at the Bell-Tsung compound as Harrison and Kennington try to get inside. Descending into the sub-basement of the compound, the Knights discover that there are labs with imprisoned infected being tested on. There are also signs that Chandra is involved in some sort of testing on psychic powers. The infected break out of their containment as another party (Shans, an infiltrator cyborg from Tharkold) attempts to free one of the psychics. The Storm Knights have to fight past infected staff and Kanawa security guards to get out of the building. They see the Tharkold cyborg and an elderly psychic abducting Dr. Chandra as they escape.

The team pursues the fleeing car Shans is driving into the city and knock it off of the road. The experimental psychic riding with Shans unleashes his powers on the Knights’ vehicle, bursting their tires. Crashing their car into their target’s, the heroes kill the psychic, but Dr. Chandra is also slain in the wreckage.

Leaving an unconscious Shans in at the scene, the Storm Knights retreat back to a safehouse to report on their failed mission. As they speak with Lin Tsang, however, the agent reveals that she has betrayed them into the hands of their old foe Golo, who is accompanied by a detachment of Nile shocktroopers. The outnumbered heroes are seized and knocked unconscious by their enemies.

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Episode 8 - The Rent Heart

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Act I

Kolkata, India

Kash and William wake up to find themselves sitting on some upholstered chairs inside of a decaying Victorian manse. They are greeted by a Victorian woman who introduces herself as Lady Honoria Barantyn and tells them that she discovered their unconscious bodies left in the Indian jungle outside of her home. She claims that there was no other person with them, meaning that Harrison is still missing.

Talking with the Edeinos and Gaean about their situation, Lady Barantyn asks them to help deal with a plot of the Gaunt Man involving a local cult who worship the Goddess Kali. She says that they have come into possession of a dangerous relic known as the Talon of Kali and may enact a horrible ritual. Claiming that she is a member of a noble society of academics dedicated to stopping the horrors of Orrorsh, she says this deed could save many innocent lives. William and Kash agree to go into the nearby wilderness and locate the cult’s hideout to stop them and claim the blade.

The duo stalk through the jungle, finding and ambushing the Kali worshippers at their temple. They acquire the Talon of Kali and make their way back to the Barantyn home. While talking with Lady Barantyn and her fellow secret society members, William becomes suspicious of their motives. He becomes reluctant to hand over the Talon, and he discovers that their companion Harrison is being held captive in the dungeons downstairs. The Tharkold cyborg Shans is also there in shackles, and the hunchback Golo is revealed to have been working with Barantyn’s group. Golo explains that he plans to use the Talon of Kali to cut open the chest of Harrison and then remove the Amber Heart, a potent Ayslish relic.

Tivra Harish, a maidservant of Lady Honoria, is revealed to have been a deep cover operative of the Delphi Council. She helps the Storm Knights out of their bind and a fight starts in the mansion. William heads downstairs to try and free Harrison, fighting off the secret society members while Kash faces off against the monstrous former servant of Dr. Sconce in the main hall.

Lady Honoria attacks William on the stairs and the two fight for the Talon, and he is forced to stab her in the stomach with the dagger, ending her life. He frees Shans from his imprisonment and the Tharkold infiltrator goes upstairs, confronting Golo in close combat. Kash is happy to abandon the field to the two superhuman fighters, having only barely survived his battle with Golo.

She helps the Knights recover their belongings and take the slumbering Harrison out of the dungeon. Fleeing the mansion for their lives, they escape into the jungle and eventually make their way to the relative safety of Kolkata.

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