When the Fates Align

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When the Fates Align

Postby Spatula » Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:35 am

How about a thread for unlikely or fortuitous occurrences during a game?

I'll start!

My players were in the Cyberpapacy, trying to escape from some police cars and a GWI Aaron Hover APC - the APC has a large gun on it and they were trying to think of ways to take out the cannon. The Core Earth soldier thought about trying to land a grenade in the barrel, but he would have needed a high roll (I think a 16 or better) and was out of Possibilities. No one had any Hero or Drama cards. The Nile stage magician, meanwhile, had a stack of Possibilities. "Gimme a grenade, I got this." He was going to use mage hands to stick the grenade in, but then... he rolled a Mishap!

The resulting Shock from the Law of Heretical Magic KO'd the magician. The soldier was the only hero left to go before the villains, and there was still the matter of the big gun pointing right at their vehicle... Then he realized he had the Malraux's Wrath cosm card! So rewinding a bit, the magician took even more Shock from backlash, everyone else in the van also took some Shock from backlash... and got a Possibility! The soldier then used that Possibility to toss the grenade into the barrel of the APC's plasma cannon! So because the magician rolled a Mishap, the soldier was able to get a Possibility and used it to save the day.

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