Don't Eat The Dice Campaign

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Don't Eat The Dice Campaign

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Having made our way through the Day One adventures, my family campaign has at long last launched with a permanent cast of characters. (Note: We record our sessions in hopes of one day editing the recording for a podcast. Hence, the 'Don't Eat the Dice' title of this thread as that will be the podcast's name.)

Alejandra - NYC Beat Cop (CE)
Detective Frederick Fontaine - Private Eye with the Obscure pulp power (NE)
Wade Bridges - Hockey Enthusiast (CE) - from the LL Day One pre-gens
Jiun - Chinese Martial Artist (PP)

Episode 1: The Advancing Storm (Day 90)

The newly formed team had been tasked with delivering supplies to surviors in the ruins of Asheville, NC. However, as they made final checks before leaving the DC forward base at Pidgeon Forge, Carter Dixon gave them new orders. After dropping off the supplies, the Knights were to make their way to Charlotte and recover an Eternity Shard - Einstein's Wristwatch. The watch was part of an exibit of famous timepieces visiting the Charlotte Museum of History at the time of the invastion.

Two days into their mission, the Knights rescued a young woman named Kelsey Harrison from an edinos warband. Kelsey was a scout from the community at Ashville. She and her partner sighted several Redjaw camps nearby preparing an attack - quite likely against her community. She led the Knights to the survivors. Their leader, Gavin Tulain, asked the Knights to help shore up their defenses and aid them in the battle. The Knights agreed and made short work of the needed tasks.

At sundown, the edinos attacked. Jiun and Wade took point on the battle with Alejandra and Fontaine manning the barricades. After taking on several waves of Redjaw warriors, things turned grim when the edinos goaded a ramapaging triceratops into charging the barricade. Jiun and Wade leapt onto the beast, but were unable to stop it from punching a hole into the middle of the community's defenses. However, moments later, Jiun was able to coax it into backing out and turning on the edinos and it ran off into the jungle, scattering the attacking forces. Several members of the community were killed in the battle and now their defenses are down. Gavin thanked the Knights for their help, but stated they'll likely abandon the settlement and join up with a friendly group from the Goldsun tribe given the ferocity of this attack.

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