ETS - Orrorsh Video Update

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ETS - Orrorsh Video Update

Postby Exploring the Storm » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:41 pm

Greetings and Salutations,

After the invasion happened, word trickled out that the nightmares we were told as children where in truth a reality. Rumors of a ‘Hellion Court’ have also started to spread, those in direct control of the nightmares that have come to life and have ripped India apart. Screams have been heard in the night that chilled the listener’s to the very core of their being, leaving the listener even more terrified than what they were before. What is rumored to be happening in Majestic goes beyond science, something much more sinister and no Storm Knight that has ventured into that part of Orrorsh has returned. The creatures that have been seen go beyond far more grotesque and vile than anything in a Hollywood movie’s CGI could create. It is said Storm Knights go to Orrorsh to die, but the truth is they don’t die…they become something else.

This realm is ruled by the Gaunt Man, an ancient being that little is known about. The only sources of knowledge comes via the Delphi Council that sent Storm Knights into the realm who returned irrevocably changed forever. The other source are from those that managed to flee for their lives and escaped. At first the stories they told of an older man with a cane that radiated pure evil were dismissed but since more is known about the invasion they are now being questioned for any piece of information that can be gleamed to give the defenders an edge against the High Lord. There is only one known picture of the Gaunt Man, though its not clear its enough to realize we are in trouble.

Explore the Storm’s upcoming video will delve deeper into what awaits those brave Storm Knights that heed the call to defend our earth.

You are not prepared for what you will see in our video, you have been warned.

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