Victorian Medals

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Victorian Medals

Postby Greymarch2000 » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:39 am

So the player of the Victorian Monster Hunter in my group was griping about the lack of options as far as medals and bulletsmithing in the book go and I told him that since it will probably be forever until the Orrorsh book came out I'd listen to any ideas he might have for something. Uncharacteristically he emailed me a bunch of ideas a half hour later! :)

Figured I'd float them to this august assembly and see what everyone's opinions are as well.

The Shield of Victoria: Awarded to those that have suffered greaves wounds in the serious of the
Empire and ones allies in the possibility wars. If the warrior survives going to 0 wounds in a heroic battle
with allies this medal is awarded. The shield has occult charms on it to provide protection. Inferring a +2
(+4 vs supernatural horrors) defense to toughness. Medal must be worn and is subject to disconnect.

The Lions Roar: Awarded to those that have single handedly destroyed one of the Gauntmans many
horrors. The medal gives the wearer a +2 will save against willpower test when facing supernatural

The Lords Call: Given to those that have lead successful great battles against the horrific armies of the
Guantman. All those in the presence of the great General get a +2 to fear checks when facing
supernatural horrors.

Destroyer of Horrors: Functions exactly like the Giant slaying medal, but for supernatural horrors. Does
not stack with Giant slayers medal (or does it?).

The Queens Emissary: Awarded to those the Queen of Victoria’s sends to the new world to treat with
and ally with. This is not a medal but more of a letter of favor with the seal of the Queen, and is imbued
with occult power so is subject to disconnect. Gives the wearer +2 to all interaction tests such as

I will come up with more medals as I think about it but one thing I was thinking of is adding a rank
system. Military ranks that is. You earn it somehow, and what it grants you is bonuses to requisitioning
gear. Something to think about.

So on my end I like the idea behind Shield of Victoria, The Lords Call and Queens Emissary. I fear that a flat +2 Toughness at all times is kinda high though, but then again I have a Dragon Warrior in my group with a Toughness of 20, so not exactly unprecedented. Destroyer of Horrors seems a little uninspired and would probably come up too frequently (what with gospog and all).

Ranks isn't really something I'm too fond of getting into, I see most Storm Knights being out of the regular Victorian military for whatever reason. That said I could imagine ex-officers being able to whip the enlisted men into shape with some bellowed orders and the snap of a riding crop whut whut.

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