magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

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magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby GeniusCodeMonkey » Fri May 17, 2019 2:53 pm

New cosm ideas...
Axioms are randomly generated...

Name, background, 3 major world laws, 10 cosm cards, why would you go there? Adventure ideas?

1 month deadline from 17th May 2019.
There is no prize, just kudos.

Let your creativity flow...
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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Zackzenobi » Fri May 17, 2019 9:47 pm

Wow. That low social is brutal.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Atama » Fri May 17, 2019 9:51 pm

Zackzenobi wrote:Wow. That low social is brutal.

Yeah, at this point you are hoping for the sophistication of the Living Land.

I’m struggling to reconcile it with the high Magic and Tech. I have a couple ideas but I’m not sure exactly if it’ll work.
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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby GeniusCodeMonkey » Sat May 18, 2019 1:53 am

Zackzenobi wrote:Wow. That low social is brutal.

That's what I thought when I rolled it, but you got to keep honest to the rules...

I've already got a couple of ideas.. the high tech helps with the low social.
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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Tangent » Sat May 18, 2019 7:25 am

GeniusCodeMonkey wrote:
Zackzenobi wrote:Wow. That low social is brutal.

That's what I thought when I rolled it, but you got to keep honest to the rules...

I've already got a couple of ideas.. the high tech helps with the low social.

I'm guessing that a high level of automation and self-maintaining systems cut down of the perceived need to socialize beyond family groups and loose friendships over the internet, with some people delving into more obscure and arcane research because there's nothing restricting them from looking up every little thing on the internet.

Magic has become a quantifiable and understandable force, just like any other, and nearly everyone can do at least something with it, even if the vast majority only know a few minor spells or cantrips.

Laws on a large scale became meaningless in this world a while ago, given that the truly powerful mages could just alter wide swaths of the world, including the people in it, nearly on a whim. Society itself has been on a downward spiral, and so few people have bothered teaching their children anything directly that wide spread illiteracy has become rampant, with most people now "texting" solely using emojis and other symbols rather than actual printed words.

Oh, and their music has been in decline as well, as musical notation and mathematics would also be affected by the collapse of their educational systems.

What's left of their society is on the brink of total systematic collapse, waiting for the day when their automated, self-maintaining technology finally breaks down, only for everyone to finally realize that nobody knows how to actually repair any of it anymore.

I call this cosm: Twilight of the Technomancers
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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby rlrapp » Sat May 18, 2019 7:25 pm

The low social reminds me of a world in the DC universe. The Red Lantern Ratchet came from a high tech world, where the fear of diseases was so high that the worst crime was physical contact, and those who desired it were considered freaks.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Savioronedge » Sun May 19, 2019 10:27 am


In the distant past, TechscArcana was exactly like our world, right up to the Millesian invasion of Ireland. In their world, the invaders relied more heavily on Magic and were defeated by the defending Tuatha De Dannan. This allowed an arms race to start with one side researching deaper and stronger magics and the other working to build better and stronger machines. Those few who sought to unite the two were labeled abominations and executed by whichever side caught them first. The situation escalated until they experienced WWII (1 for them), only they had Occult Germany using blood sacrifices to power mystic weaponry taking all of Europe and fighting against the Russian sense of sovereignty when America, Japan, China, and the UK stepped in with their science, eventually dropping The Little Boy on Heidelberg, killing the Furher and ending the Reich.

The end of the War brought about a Tech Supremacy. People started concentrating on improving Technology, and only the truly devoted, or truly outcast, continued to work on Magic. As the older Separatists died off, the younger generation found ways to blend the two; at first in secret, then in "art", finally proving that blending the two yields the most benefit for the least effort. In the middle of this process, a Darkness Device found one of the ultimate outcasts, Jeremy Stone. Jeremy was a gamer who used magic to enhance his hacking skills so he could cheat at online games. He also used a touch of necromancy to raise armies of small animals to test war theories. When Svetloyaden found him, the world had fallen into a selfish, self serving, magically powered technological "utopia". All their needs were met, and no one cares enough about their fellow man to want to conquer...except Jeremy.

Jeremy immediately saw the problem with conquering his own world. He would never be able to get enough people to work together, and everyone had access to all the powers of any use to him. But, he found a loophole and pitched it to his DD, and it was agreed.

Jeremy developed a new "Video Game". The player generates an army of undead minions and launches them "across a bridge into a new world". The game quickly became a favorite, and millions of unsuspecting players control horses of invaders sent over maelstrom bridges as foot soldiers to conquer new worlds for Jeremy and Svetloyaden.

After many "campaigns", Jermy has found the ultimate invasion for his Players: one bridge, 8 potential "settings".

[Location of invasion was not a requirement, but I see this one trying to hit the area around Iraq for maximum encroachment]

World Laws
The Law of Complacency
With the high Tech and Magic abilities, everything a person needs to survive is available with a minimum of effort, and that is all anyone is willing to give.
•Any action that requires real effort [GM's call, but certainly Melee, Unarmed, Missile combat] is a contradiction. Further, any extra dice rolled, (Favored, Possibility, Up...) will still cause a disconnection at the same rate as the original role (other mishaps are not affected)

The Law of Unity
As people recognized the uselessness in segregating Magic and Tech, they also recognized the uselessness in judging others by superficial standards. Plus, if you never interact with your "fellow man", you can't judge him. The low Spiritual axiom added to this effect, and all religions became accepting of all other faiths.
• The Ward Enemy Miracle cannot be used "Free" while in this realm.
• Outsider penalties do not apply while under this rule.

The Law of Discards
The magic fuelled replicator technology that supports the Law of Complacency also supports a disposables-based society. This Law shows up in cards like What is That? and Ooh! Shiney!. Basically things end up lying around, just waiting to be fixed up or reused...even dead bodies.

Cosm Cards
What is That? A random surge of magic has merged some of the Discards in the area. A cybernetic undead thing is now attacking the area. The Knights get 1-3 Possibilities each after it is properly disposed of.
Ooh! Shiny! The Storm Knight finds a discarded piece of equipment. Any easily portable item can be claimed (with GM approval). It will disappear as soon as the Knight leaves the Cosm.
Where did I put my...? "You may play this card before the first combat of any scene. Each Knight may choose to have ""Forgotten"" a piece of combat equipment at their last rest stop or last combat location. Anyone who does so gains 1-3 Possibilities [GM discretion] immediately upon ""discovering"" the loss. The equipment is recovered or replaced at the end of the Act."
What's the rush? Play at the beginning of a scene. A wave of Complacency sweeps the area. For this scene, all Actions are Disfavored. Each Storm Knight gains 2 Possibilities.
Crazy Betty The Storm Knights have encountered an eccentric wanderer. This person has a shopping cart, wagon, car or some such which is loaded with scavenged Discards. Anyone may refill any ammunition or attempt a Streetwise roll to trade for any equipment covered by the local Axioms.
Are you talking to me? Play when the Heroes are affected by a Surge. Any Hero who doesn't disconnect must roll a second Surge test. Anyone who makes the second roll gets 1 possibility, anyone who disconnects on it gets 3.
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. Play this card outside of combat to find a Food Replecator. Anyone who partakes of the food gets a dose of supervitamins and can immediately make an extra Healing check.
Power Surge A surge in magic flow overcharges everything. Anyone in the area with an enchanted or empowered item suffers 2 shock damage from feedback, and gains 1 Possibility.
Mana Burn Play Immediately. Anyone with the Spellcaster or Variant Perks takes a Wound the first time they cast a spell this Scene. This may be Soaked as normal or using Alteration skill instead of Reality to ground the energy safely. All Mages gain 1 possibility. If there are no Mages in the party, the Character who drew this card gets 1 possibility instead.

Why go there?
Easy access to high Tech equipment, powered by magical energy. Who doesn't want a BAR equivalent that only requires a simple action and Conjuration check to reload and an Alteration Skill to change Ammo types?

Adventure Ideas
Malreaux has decided to backwards engineer the technology that allows players in the home cosm to completely controll undead minions. If he figure a out a way to make use of this with his Spirit Axiom, well, it would be bad.

A group of Technodemons moved into the area and are using a replicator to create horrible things they can unleash elsewhere. They must be stopped.


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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby agarrett » Mon May 20, 2019 6:55 pm

Ancient Aliens

The Mound Builders. The Pyramid Builders. The City of the Gods.

Ancient wonders are known even on Core Earth, magnificent structures of astounding size and complexity that would challenge even modern technology. And yet they were built in the dim and distant past, when our ancestors were still struggling with basic agriculture.

Some still suspect we were visited by aliens with a technology far in advance of what we know today. In other realms, that is the literal truth, and they stayed behind to guide those nascent civilizations. Now they guide their proteges through a maelstrom bridge to attack Core Earth. Are they only another part of the invasion, or do they have deeper reasons to come (or return) to Core Earth?


Enlil is a land of frighteningly high technology and magic, but also of endless war and disorder. It is Conan exploring the forgotten places, or John Carter of Mars discovering ancient artifacts. It is a world of petty warlords and forgotten secrets, in which the heroes must constantly struggle to find any place of rest or safety, but with rewards that can make it well worth the risk.
It is a realm of warlords and wonders.

High Lord

The Immortal Enkidu is the High Lord of Enlil. Depending on your view, he is the strongest or weakest of all the High Lords. The magic and technology he has access to make him personally powerful, easily a match for any who would face him. Centuries of magic rituals have made him not just strong but, perhaps, truly immortal. However, unlike every other High Lord, he cannot command legions of followers. Only a few, a small tribe, give him loyalty, and even that is ephemeral. His cunning has arranged for the invasions, but this invasion is not an organized one.

Enkidu lived in a time and place very similar to ancient Sumer of Core Earth. He was created to oppose Gilgamesh the King, but wound up befriending him and becoming his great companion. Together they slew some of the great monsters of the ancients, and in return the ancients decreed that one of the pair must die, and marked Enkidu for death. He died and descended into Hell.

While in the underworld, Gilgamesh visited his friend and asked him to recover a drum and ball for him. Enkidu agreed to this task, but while exploring the Underworld he also came across a breastplate, the Darkness Device Utnapishtim. Wearing the dread device he returned to Gilgamesh and gave him his drum and ball, but then wrestled his old friend and won, confining Gilgamesh to death while he was free to return to the world of the living.

Back among the living, Enkidu tried to take control of Gilgamesh's tribe, but they fought him and then fled. His Darkness Device nearly turned on him then, but he convinced it to give him one more chance, while he would challenge the Ancient of Ur. Enkidu split the Gates of Light that barred entry to the palace and marched inside. For four days the lands shook with fury. On the fifth day the lights of the palace went out, and on the sixth day Enkidu emerged from the building triumphant, though his left arm was missing from the elbow and replaced with a gleaming replacement in bronze.
He soon had his own warband, but far from enough to organize the invasions Utnapishtim demanded. Clever Enkidu still managed. He built his maelstrom bridge on an aircraft, so he could move it at will and it would sweep those beneath it into the bridge. He would gather up the bands of friends and enemies alike, and would often leave it alone for bold adventurers to find on their own. Once in the new world, he could count on them exploring and subjugating anyone they found. His invasions were slow but certain, for few could combat the weapons of Enlil.


When mankind was still young, they were visited from beings beyond the stars. Some of these ancients were hostile to life everywhere and sought to destroy all that lived. Others sought servants or children to raise in their image, and fought the Great Elders. They were known as the Ancients. In time they won and claimed Enlil as their own. Each Ancient took a tribe of men for their own, arming them with weapons or magic so they could resist the depredations of tribes claimed by rival Ancients, or defeat them to prove their leader's superiority.

The Ancients were often frustrated by their inability to control large masses of men, for they would fall to fighting among themselves. Some began constructing living monsters to control their people, or even synthetic armies to serve them. None of it worked. The monsters were uncontrollable and androids proved every bit as fractious as men.

Among the men were heroes, those who would not serve the Ancients. They would scavenge prizes from those who came before and seek their fortune outside the cities. In one land, a hero named Hanuman sought out a surviving Great Elder. From that dread beast he learned a ritual of insurmountable power, and on casting it confined the Ancients forever to the land. Never again could they flee to the stars.

Tribes have come and gone in the ages since. Small cities have risen and fallen into desolation. Wizards have warped the land while smiths have forged and reforged legendary weapons. Ever the Ancients work behind the scenes, trying to arrange their conquest over all the others. It is a land of chaos, but also a land of opportunity.


Enlil was late to the Invasion, appearing almost three months after the rest of the realms arrived. It started in Basra, Iraq, when the Old Mosque and the Amogaiz (Indian Market) were destroyed on the same day. The Delphi Council believed, at the time, that Iran was trying to interfere and take territory under the chaos of the invasion. The city fell to civil war as every faction began fighting among themselves.

Three days later the maelstrom bridge set down and the first warband of Enlil crossed over. More followed and they fought each other as much as they fought the natives. And yet their realm grew.

Moving from Iraq up through Syria and Lebanon, all areas full of strife and more than willing to fight each other in the new realm. New warlords rose and fell daily, which made it very difficult for the Delphi Council to figure out what was going on, let alone who to speak with or oppose.

The other High Lords appeared to keep their distance, excepting only the Gaunt Man, who sent some Ravagons in to Enlil. They have not been heard from since.

World Laws

Law of the Warrior: Magic is important, but fighting wins the day. Magic relics and potent technology can shape the battlefields or get people to their goal, but they almost never prove decisive. No matter how potent or impressive they seem, conflict is ultimately decided by force of arms, when warriors face each other at arms' length.

  • All magic and ranged weapons have mishap range of 1-4 or double their standard, whichever is higher. Items that fail in this way can not be repaired in Enlil.

Law of Adventure: Artifacts and wonders abound, but are well hidden and well guarded. The Ancients and Great Elders have their own methods to create high tech and high magic items, and they have automated factories that have cranked them out over the years. The lands are full of the remnants of old battles. This world law guarantees these powerful items will not be sitting out in the open, but will be hidden in caves and lairs for groups of heroes to find.

Cosm cards like Hidden Treasure and The Hero's Path can put great artifacts in heroes' hands, while Don't Split the Party reinforce the adventuring nature of this reality.

Law of the Hero: The Hero's Code is difficult but brings strength. Persevering through difficulty or braving great dangers are part of what makes a hero in Enlil. Tricks are beneath them, and they don't fall for them. However, a hero who gives in and falls from the path is vulnerable to these very tactics.

  • Interaction attacks (NCI) against possibility rated characters take a -5 penalty. However, if any NCI succeeds against them, all future NCI attacks against that character get a +5 bonus.

Cosm Cards

Hidden Treasure: A map or sign points to a lost artifact with an unknown guardian nearby. The nature of the artifact and guardian are at the game master's discretion.

The Walls are Closing In: A trap is sprung that disadvantages the heroes. All Storm Knights gain 1-3 possibilities, depending on the severity of the trap, but cannot gain more than 1 if this card is played outside of combat.

Don't Split the Party: The party is split. An environmental or other event splits the party into two groups who cannot support each other. Enemy combatants, if any, will mostly be with one group, and the group cannot recombine until the end of the scene. All storm knights gain 2 possibilities.

Mixed Blessing: A combat comes to an immediate end with a disaster that completely separates the parties. Each Storm Knight must roll a die, and on an even result will lose one item at the game master's discretion.

Self-Sacrifice: Play this card to achieve a significant goal (like Martyr) at a large personal cost to the Storm Knight. The goal and cost must be agreed upon by player and game master, but it is permanent (so items backed by traits that are lost are gone for good.)

The Hero's Path: Play only at the beginning of an act. The Storm Knight will have a personal quest to achieve this act. Successful completion will gain the storm knight a powerful artifact.

Magic, bah: Magic spells and items only work if the die roll is even. This effect lasts until the end of the current scene.

Fight Me: Melee and unarmed combat rolls are favored. No other rolls are favored. This effect lasts until the end of the current scene.

Ancient Wisdom: The Storm Knight gets in contact, by magic or technology, with a hidden ancient, who will answer any questions. The Storm Knight will owe the Ancient a favor, to be collected at a future time.

Forgotten Warriors: A trove of synthetic humans has awoken and immediately becomes hostile. All Storm Knights gain 1-3 possibilities when the battle ends, depending on the strength of the opposition.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Savioronedge » Mon May 20, 2019 9:18 pm


I just realized exactly what this cosm is... ...

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Tangent » Tue May 21, 2019 1:46 am

Savioronedge wrote:OMG!!!

I just realized exactly what this cosm is... ...

"Not saying I want dibs on the Sun Sword, but... DIBS ON THE SUN SWORD!"

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