[Holz] Hail from South America

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[Holz] Hail from South America

Postby Holz » Wed May 31, 2017 11:15 pm

Greetings all!

Thanks for the add!

I am 35 years and live in São Paulo, Brazil! I play RPG sice I was 14 years old and played and GM'ed (mostly, since there are few GM's within my friends).
Fading Suns came to my attention due to a newsletter I got from the old Noble Armada PC Game and it related to the Fading Suns RPG. Love at 1st sight! :lol:

I hope I can bring some experience and good ideas.

Good to see some new and old faces. :)

To hell with information, ammunition is ammunition.

If brute force ain't working, you ain't using enough.

My Fading Suns Blog: https://fadingsunsbr.wordpress.com/portal/

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