Some thoughts on the setting

The Kurgan
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Some thoughts on the setting

Postby The Kurgan » Sun May 28, 2017 1:57 pm

Hi there,

There is still not much activity going around so I thought I would throw out some of my thoughts on the upcoming FS edition.

The FS setting has always been “paired” with the real-life date (FS 1st ed -1996, in-setting date 4996 and so on). I wonder if the time-line will be advanced accordingly (should be 5017 by now) or if there will be a full reset back to the original starting date of 4996.

One of the difficulties I found back in the day was the lack of a detailed description of everyday life in the known worlds. Sure we got plenty of historical or political perspectives, and even got a detailed description of barbarian life. Unfortunately we didn't get an elaborate idea of what peasant or freemen life would be within the Empire. I feel it would be great if the new version addressed this point as it would help GMs greatly in insuflating life into their campaigns.

Regarding the aliens in the setting I must say I liked most of them in the day (specially the ascorbites). Nonetheless I think some cosmetic changes to increase their sense of alienness would improve the setting. In particular something should be done about the Symbiotes, just to reconciliate the two extant descriptions we got from them.The tyranid-like monsters referenced in the Core book or the misunderstood Eco-Warriors from the WitH1 sourcebook.

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Re: Some thoughts on the setting

Postby Procopius » Wed May 31, 2017 1:06 pm

I think day-to-day life for the serfs is pretty grim -- there are a lot of suggestions that they literally toil in the fields in ways that medieval or (if they're lucky) Victorian-era tenant farmers would find incredibly familiar.

If the FS timeline advances, we're going to need a fair amount of backstory on it -- Alexius should be married and have an heir by now, or be in serious trouble, and there should be some notable progress in the star crusades. Part of the problem of course, is that you can't really "solve" the problem of the Fading Suns...I mean, it's the name of the game! Perfectly Adequate Suns doesn't have the same ring.

I'd like a bit more detail on bog-standard low-level Symbiots and Symbiot society on their worlds; I felt that was limited in favour of creating Symbiot characters in Lifeweb, a supplement that didn't totally blow me away.

Mostly I just want War in the Heavens more than anything, though.

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Re: Some thoughts on the setting

Postby ragnarol » Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:49 pm

I think the lack of information is intentional. I don't think two serfs lives would be the same. Every fief, city, planet would be completely different.

Regarding the advanced timeline, a part of me would love to see things change, but in the other hand I am happy with my campaigns shaping the future of my Fading Suns. If it advances it would be great as I can borrow ideas for my "timeline" if it doens't its ok too!

By "Heretics and Outsiders" I would say that Alexius already have a heir, or at least that is what it looks like for Sir Chamon Mazarin introduction to different chapters.

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Re: Some thoughts on the setting

Postby Leviathan of Maddoc » Sat Aug 19, 2017 7:59 pm

When we were builidng hypothetical fief's we realized really quickly that serfdom is super relative. When you're owned and have to work all day in a sub-terannian Amenta farm on Kordeth your life is a bit more grim than farming halucinegenic bark on Aylon. I think Peasants also get a lot of pleasing propaganda about how good they have it. For sure no peasant think's the grass is greener one fief over. I'm sure they hear stories about using peasants for lawn-bowling of feeding them to dogs. But they also get told that it's rough being free, there are endless responsibilities and nobody looks out for you. Even if you live in a hard-labor fief herding sheep all day and all night there will still be some peasant who has to shovel sheep-shit into the ditch because they did something stupid. So it's not so bad right?

Our general view of Freemen is that if you don't have a guild you are constantly on the hustle trying to chisel a firebird or two out from under the guild monopoly and knowing that if you find a way to make a lot of money some guild will take it away from you. You have to pay more to the nobles because you don't have a guild looking out for you. You don't get discounts at guild businesses like the other leaguers and even the Church tithes you harder because they don't need you like they do guilded freemen. You keep your head down, and your mouth shut and if anyone ever offers you a job because a guild can't or won't do it, you milk that thing like it will never happen twice..

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