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Any interest in reviving the Fief's thread from the FASA forums?

I'm sure I could pull together a few new ones and still have all of my old fiefs to share. Did anyone grab them the entire thread from the board before it disappeared?

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Re: Fief's

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I will search. I may have a few things.

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Re: Fief's

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The old FASA forums are still up for now. I have left the company so I don't know for how much longer.

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Re: Fief's

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D’an Drop Barony

Overview: The. Hazat have had little success making inroads and acquiring lands on Kordeth, Dan Drop is one of their few successes. The small barony has struggled to establish a foothold since its creation two centuries ago. The fief is a minor blip on the Hazat and al Malik social scene; both houses generally deem it unworthy of little attention.

Relations: The “Baronness” Richelle Estancia try’s to be up to date on the latest in Kordeth Court gossip, attends many regional balls, and holds a locally attended gala’s once a year. She actively gathers gossip from the small Kordeth social scene and doles it out to any Hazat visitors to her fief. As one of very few Hazat nobles on Kordeth her events are inter-house affairs with nobles from three or four other houses as well as League and Church Representatives.
Visiting Hazat relations are few and far between. Passing Hazat nobles are drawn here; occasional adventurers, traders, and roaming nobles visit in search of profitable trade routes and adventitious relationships.
Since the Emperors coronation, contact with the lady’s Sire, Don Iacopa Pio Hazat de Aragon, has become an annual event where a lone traveling knight acts as representative. Usually this is a young Hazat between family duty’s doing an abbreviated tour of the Known Worlds, these messengers bring little to the fiefs knowledge of the happenings back home other than rumor and stacks of the Town Criers papers from Aragon.
Lady Richelle has actively worked with the local guilds and has been accommodating in making mining agreements with the local prospectors. The local Orthodox Priest, Leif Ortiega, has been aggressively trying to preach the gospels to the Ukari. While they respect their attempts they have been little accepting of human religion.

Description: The toxic wastes of Kordeth’s Sui’amali Lowlands hold the tiny fief of Dan’drop. The nearest link to the outside world is the 3rd railhead on the Porol-Ansing rail line. A long road and tunnel leads from here to the rural fief. The minor town of D’an Drop is home to a thousand humans and another thousand Ukari; all living together in a series of four cliff-side maxicrete square-ish buildings along the edge of the Tormaline Lakes.
The facilities of D’an Drop provides access to the natural reservoirs of Bismuth Oxychloride, Bithmuthinite spires from hydrothermal vents, and frequent veins of tourmaline gems. D’an Drop has become a key exporter of these commodities on Kordeth as well as responsible for the processing and extraction of these materials.
The “lake” level processing facilities are sprawling mazes of interconnecting workshops, airlocks, and garages. Miners dressed in bulky hazardous suits carry elaborate masks down wide halls next to refinery workers in heavy yellow coveralls. As one walks they pass by workshops filled with jewelers grinding wheels, chemists distilling odiferous concoctions,
The Engineer, Armane Fausse, runs the largest manufacturing facility in the fief. His extraction and refining operations produce bismuth oxycloride. Vats of these bithmuth compounds are refined and prepared for export to League facilities across the known worlds.
Most miners and collectors are freemen and minor guilders who pay taxes and rent to the Baroness. Dan’Drop has about 200 serfs inhabit the fief running the hydroponic farms, conducting maintenance, or hired out to guild operations.

History: The lands that make up the barony of D’an Drop were granted to this family as a result of a daring expedition by the Estancaia, Sir Saul Dan Hazat de Valles, during the short reign of Regent Maria-Villet Castadas Hazat de Vuldrok in 4793. Granted as the result of successfully quashing a local rebellion (with a small personal retinue and not Regency troops) the lands were considered of marginal economic value and likely only good for “supplemental income” for the Estancaia family.
Sir D’an de Valles was determined to make his remote landholdings into a true and profitable fief. The Estancia knight personally surveyed his territory and oversaw the tunneling crews who linked the lake to the Porol railhead. Construction of D’an Drop’s first permanent structures took the better part of three decades. In the meantime he raised a large family in a string of temporary construction camps.
When Sir D’an died in 4838 he the fief passed to his son Sir Andre D’an Hazat de D’an Drop. Sir Andre and his six siblings were able to realize their fathers dream; bringing the rural mining facility to true fief status. The population increased from a few hundred to more than a thousand by 4900. When Andre married the Dowager Baroness Lü Li Halon (his 2nd marriage) the family was granted the title of Baronets by their liege’s the Pio Hazat’s.
Baronness Richelle Estancia de Fingrin Run came to inherit the fief as a result of the deaths of her father and aunt in the horrific Sabzal Spring Ball train disaster in 4988. The incident, that killed twenty three Kordeth nobles returning to Porol, was highly publicized on and off world. The fifteen year old inherited a fiefdom without any on-world family except for an elderly cousin and a pair of 2nd cousins working for the guild in Porol.

Assets: The fief has made significantly more income since the Emperors ascension and the end of the Emperor Wars. They previously fought running at a deficit and now are looking at ever increasing profits for their goods and services.
Baroness Richelle has a pretty reliable income from the refinery’s bismuth oxycloride exports. Annual income, after expenses, ranges from 500-1000 fb per year. Independent yeoman pay 2000-3000 in mineral rights in bitmuthinite and tourmaline gems.

Men-at-Arms: Four sheriffs (Three human & 1 Ukar) patrol the the towers with a combined 16 human deputies and 5 Ukari deputies. Provided with light revolvers and long knives they patrol the entire fiefdom. The policing force has responsibility for the security, peacekeeping, taxation, and emergency services of the local population.
During the Emperor Wars the fief supplied two squads (8 ea.) of special forces trained for hazardous environment covert work for the Hazat Intelligence services. These troops have since been retired to the estate. Richelle employs 8-10 members of this team as a House Guard. In reality they act like a small veterans club. Richelle does bring them in as guards when she has visitors. Otherwise they are usually tasked with monthly patrols of the surface and emergency search rescue work.

Locals of Note:
Baronness Richelle Estancia de Fingrin Run: The “barony” would barely rate noble status amongst Hazat nobility if it didn’t sit on the wastes of Kordeth. Even then the mining fief on a non-Hazat world with limited prospects is looked down upon by other Hazat. Richelle has embraced her place with an attitude of independent determination. Her fiefs prosperity drives her decisions far more than her house ties or high minded sense of nobility.
Baronness Richelle was previously engaged to Sir Cameron Estrada de Charon of Sutek; until he died on the battlefields of Hira. Richelle has maintained that her young daughter Rene; is the father of her daughter Cameron; however his family refuses to acknowledge Rene’s legitimacy. Last year she lost her second a paramour to the Kurgan conflict when Sir Lorenzo Hazat de Obun was killed during a Kurgan assault near Eslemiel. Richelle has become quote jaded with the war on the Kurgan front as a result.

Jasque & Allicia Sweans: The husband and wife team of Engineers were born and raised on Aragon’s moon of Castille but were convinced to move to Kordeth to maintain and expand the environmental systems of Dan’Drop eight years ago. They have settled in to the barony and have so far proven more than an adequate team to maintain the facility. They often end up in disagreement on matters of expansion and new equipment with their employer over funds but are overall happy in their positions.
Jasque is a lanky man with wild dark hair often slicked back with hydraulic oil in odd fashion. He is most often seen maintaining the environmental locks and pumps with a small but loyal team of workers. Allicia is a computer specialist by training. The petite dour faced women spends much of her days in the rooftop environmental processers and control centers for each of the towers. The two recently had their fourth child, a girl, adding to the three boys they have been raising a out of their flat in the 3rd tower.

Armane Fausse: D’an Drop’s Refinery is territory of Engineer Fuasse. The broad shouldered guildsman is rarely seen out of his yellow and black protective shop coveralls. If one would, they would see the chemical burns that up his arms and chest; a remnant from his years as an apprentice in Criticorum’s chemical plants. Armane works long hours running two of the four shifts as foreman of the plant while managing everyday operations. In constant need of technical equipment and replacement parts, he keeps a small staff of supply & administrative staff to keep the facility running efficiently. He sells almost exclusively thru the Baroness to the Charioteers Guild House in Porol; however he regularly pushes the Baroness to establish alternative sales options.

Adventure Idea’s:
The 3rd Railhead on the Porol-Ansing Line: The small station in rural wastelands of Kordeth is the closest supply post for three mining stations. The Prospector owned Vern Quarry, to the north and Reeve owned Muster operated Threshold Mines, are served by the same route as serves D’an Drop. Wandering Ukar also travel thru the station en-route to the hermitage caves of the “Halls of J’hunn” that are accessed thru the northeastern valleys.
The small outpost is little more than a series of maxicrete boxes and domes; half buried under mine tailings. The station is managed by Lowell Seotorri supported by his wife Rhea and the oldest three of his eight children. The family have fully taken over one of the four habitat units linked to the station.
The Reeve owner of the Threshold Mine, June Halek, has accused D’an Drop authority’s of allowing large scale drug imports to be smuggled from D’an Drop to the poor laborers of the mine. June Halek is firing blindly as her investigations appear to have no solid evidence to support these claims. She has a long list of other issues that have nearly crippled her operation; labor strikes, equipment failures, and the hijacking of two recent supply shipments.
A passing Hazat noble (Spymaster?) is convinced that June Halek’s troubles have little to do with Baroness Richelle but are instead attacks by other guild/noble interests. He employs the PC’s cadre to visit the fief (perhaps to court the lonely Richelle) and solve the mystery behind the Threshold mines troubles and their connection to D’an Drop.

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