War in the Heavens Metaplot

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War in the Heavens Metaplot

Postby OnyxT » Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:56 pm

Hello everyone!

I was wondering whether anyone could say anything about some information I have stumbled upon.
Since WitH3 was never released I was at some point searching for more information about the Annunaki and the entities from between the stars.
I've found two sources:

The second one interests me the most as it seems to fit the FS universe the best. I was wondering whether it was based solely on source material and some creativeness of the author or perhaps he was able to attain some official information and filled the rest himself?

If anyone has more information about the Annunaki and the metaplot I would greatly appreciate any input here.

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Re: War in the Heavens Metaplot

Postby admiralnlson » Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:20 am

I found the same two, when I was looking for some "secret FS truths", which I initially thought I needed before I could start building a theme for my campaign.

If I remember correctly, the two pieces share some similarities. But I do not believe they are anything official or based on information leaked by Bill Bridges.
While they were interesting to read, there were also some elements in them I personally didn't like and decided against.

This led me to the realization that I actually didn't need to know what the "official FS truth" was in the first place, and I devised a couple FS cosmology facts of my own instead, just enough to answer some specific questions I had.
The more I go through the official material (I'm not done), the more I am able to either confirm, infirm or fine-tune these earlier choices. But the source books are written in a way that you can often decide what is fact and what is myth. So it's not like I'm getting closer to THE truth, I'm just getting closer to my own version of it.
And that's totally fine.

After all, what's important is what actually happens in the campaign, what the players do witness, how they react, what they resonate with or don't.
So I am ready to change my version of these 'facts' later on, if it helps make things more interesting for everyone, always trying to remain consistent with what has actually happened in the campaign of course.

Don't think you need to be told what the official metaplot is. Even Bill Bridges may not wish to impose one. You'll sleep much better if you accept that no-one can really answer this than yourself and that you don't have to figure it all out right now either.

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