all in bundle - concerns

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all in bundle - concerns

Postby jman5000 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:49 pm

not sure this is the right place or not. just have a few concerns.

- the all-in bundle price. I see on the order page it's listed at $290.00. the email newsletter that was sent on May 23rd had it listed for $275. Looking at the content lists between the 2 I don't see any differences. why the price jump?

- when comparing this all-in box set to the Torg Eternity and the just completed Torg Living Land - Wrath and Glory seems expensive. Torg Eternity was $250.00. Living land was $230.00. Living land was really close to not being a good deal. Eternity and Wrath and Glory is a better comparison. smaller book. ability to get a delux version of the core book are all in Wrath's favour. $120.00 in free PDF's kinda made the cargo box a no brainer. So... not to be a total jerk. but why is the Wrath and Glory box worth $40.00 more than the Torg Boxed set when you are actually getting less content?

- shipping: the box sets are killer. each is costing me $50.00USD (I'm canadian). this is getting to the point where its not going to be economically reasonable to purchase a $250.00+ boxed set for every game that I like and then pay 1/5th of its value to get it shipped. is there no way we can get these through the channel and via our FLGS? The 2 games that I'm most interested in from Ulisses - Torg and 40k, both seem to be going the boxed set route. I really do love boxed sets - but you are making them unaffordable to anyone who is not in the US or Eurpose. please help!!!

anyway. not trying to be too negative. sorry if its come off that way.




Re: all in bundle - concerns

Postby BarnOwl » Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:53 pm

I can answer your first concern. It was described in one of their updates that they added som ceramic tokens to the all-in bundle that weren't there before. These will later be sold for 20$ but were added to the all-in bundle for 15$, bringing the price from 275 to 290.

Link: ... pre-order/

Direct quote: 'This set of 20 poker chips will eventually retail for $20, but we’re adding it to the bundle for only $15. This makes the new All-In Bundle price $290 (plus edition upgrades). The Player Bundle remains the same.'

I'm not sure about the other two concerns.

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Re: all in bundle - concerns

Postby Eric USNA » Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:34 am

Sorry I'm just catching up on these things.

Shipping to Canada is one of our ongoing nightmares, as it is for most people who have to do so. It's just very expensive for a variety of reasons, and it scales upward quickly with weight. We hope someday in the future to have a distribution partner in Canada to reduce some of those costs and pass the savings on to the customers, but unfortunately that has not happened yet.

In terms of comparison between Torg and Wrath & Glory, the contents are fairly close, shifting from more books for Torg to more accessories for Wrath & Glory. The rest of the premium cost comes down to the IP. We own Torg and can do whatever we want with it. We do not own Warhammer 40,000.

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