Homerule: Soak by Armor

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Homerule: Soak by Armor

Postby Aenno » Sun Sep 30, 2018 7:45 am

Sometime ago I had an idea, posted here in another discussion, for different approach to Soak and Armor.

1. Remove armor effect on Resilence completly, and soak value from toughness completly.
2. Give every character in armor Soak ratio equal to armor rating. Enemy weapon AP reducing this Soak, with every rule concerning armor and AP applies (like "Force Fields soak isn't reduced by AP" and such).
3. Allow every character to soak damage after toughness, by basic soak rules, including shock (meaning bruises and fractures even if armor saved from "real" damage). Mortal Wounds are not soakable until character in question have some special rule.

1. It would make battle flow closer to baseline game approach.
2. It would make armor and toughness (and therefore Damage and AP) distinct values.
3. It's more logical and mechanically solid: three attack parameters (accuracy of attack, raw damage, armor piercing) against three defence parameters (effectiveness of defence, solidity, ability to shrug damage), not two parametrs with modifier.
4. It would make AP more useful and noticable.

Results I predict and seen on test:
1. Armor feels more important (like "life-saving" important), and AP weapons actually are in-demand. That WAD.
2. Fights are more bloody. Removing 3 guaranteed Toughness from Astra MIlitarum trooper means that he can be reliably wounded by every weapon in play but primitive melee weapons in the hands of weakest characters (the lowest possible damage in game is 1+1ED). Same working for player characters. It wasn't my goal, but I liked it.
3. Fights are more tedious a little. Core rules making only one roll to understand if character wounded or not; my homerules makes 2 of them. Truth to be said, in actual play I handwaived this soak roll quite often, making troop-level NPCs more "paper" as they're designed. Also, party I'm playing with is used to World of Darkness fights, where it's normal procedure anyway.
4. Fights are more random. My rules added one more random factor, beyond factors that are already there. I was ok with it (combat is random anyway), but it can be a problem.
5. It makes some traits unbalanced, making Toughness less useful, for example.
6. Character and NPC lists operations became more clear - you don't need to remember how many Resilience are from Armor, and take in head to check should you reduce enemy resilience or not.

So, I have two questions.
1. What do you think?
2. I tested it on low-tier character party, where combats are supposed to be tactical and dangerous; and this party wasn't actually combat oriented. I can't say how this rule would work on Space Marines level. Also I'm not sure if it would work for somebody but my party. If somebody would take the trouble to test it, I would appreciate it.
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Re: Homerule: Soak by Armor

Postby warhammerfrpgm » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:14 pm

not really in favor of it. armour by its very nature makes you able to shrug off damage. they are following similar path from old school warhammer fantasy RP in 1st and 2nd editions. armour makes you tougher, agility or reflexes make you tougher to hit. makes total sense way it is built. and at a 7 it means that an average s3 weapon from tabletop gets a wound on a 4+ unless you can make a soak roll. if you do, it then eats up shock, which will be an important commodity to refresh as often as possible. a strength 4 weapons is now typically 10+ so it will do a minimum of 3 wounds unless you make a really good shock roll. given that the average character has 4 wounds it can possibly take out a character in one hit. you get up to strength 5 or 6 and with their 12 or 14 respectably and you have ensured that the average character is possibly going to get their shock value eaten up entirely and also possibly take all their wounds. and at strength 6 on tabletop t3 guardsmen are wounded on a 2+ and removed. seems totally legit in my mind.

when you move over to space marines. most t3 marines will have a t4 or t5. t5 plus power armour puts you at 10 total resilience so s4(10+1ed) weapons only wound potentially on a 4 plus. and then you can possibly soak. and space marines aught to have lots of soak possibilities. they should have sufficient shock, and lets be honest, as they go up in tiers space marines will be the characters to max T. so even a tier 3 marine will possibly have a t6 for a resilience of 11, putting almost any s3 shot out of range to even hurt them. so regular guys fighting them will melt away unless they bring special weapons to bear.

lastly special weapons. those are the great equalizers. a melta gun or plasma gun is a real bitch to behold. they negate a lot of the benefit of armour, and they can hurt structures and vehicles. I fully expect that powerful special and heavy weapons will obliterate most characters.

Just my thoughts. I appreciate the effort that you put into your ideas, i just see them as unnecessary and overly encumbering when the rules as written are complex enough, while not being overly complex. granted i am about to use this as a bunch of 13 yr olds second rpg to partake in, so i want simplicity.

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