Torg Eternity Demo -- Austin, TX

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Torg Eternity Demo -- Austin, TX

Postby torgmada » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:00 pm

17 September 2017

Today was the first official Torg Eternity demo I hosted. (Last week I explained the concepts to some people, but this week we actually played.) Using the Free RPG Day pre-generated characters, a group of three got to experience first-hand the invasion of New York City by the Living Land. After a brief presentation of game mechanics (five minutes thereabouts), the players were dropped into the action. Positive feedback was given as their first combat with feral (transformed) humans gave the "moment of crisis" so possibilities and cards could be used.

The introductory adventure had the players leading frightened citizens from a high-rise restaurant to the street where the feral humans were encountered. From there, the players assisted an allied group of NYPD and gang members who were fighting a holding action against the invading edeinos. The players then went on to rescue some captured humans (who were being taken towards Central Park for eventual gospog creation). With the timely aid of a mercenary named Malcolm Kane, the party was able to subdue an edeinos as well as freeing prisoners.

The players commented they really enjoyed the way the card play encouraged the players to cooperate with one another. High marks were also given to the "encompassing" nature of the skills, so the players felt they could attempt various actions. One of the players had some previous experience with the original system, but the other two were brand new.

The plan for the next session is to use some fully-fleshed out pre-generated characters so the group could experience a mixed party adventuring in an invading realm, and get a feel of the affects of axioms and disconnection.

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