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Two New Adventures - 12 Living Land Tales and Zombie:Beast

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 9:38 am
by callinostros
Been a while since I updated my releases here. Here they are...

Zombie:Beast - A 1-Act Beta Clearance adventure set in Pan-Pacifica. Can the heroes stop an experiment where they are trying to turn animals into carriers of the "jiangshi virus"?

Living Land Tales of Savagery - 12 short adventures set in the Living Land. The adventures include: Dead God, Dead World, Flame Warriors, Flora Lore, Lost Message, Murderous Mist, Saviors, Scavenger, Spirit Guides, Spirit of Revenge, Volcano Rising and War Drums (this last one is designed for Beta Clearance heroes). There is also a Lost World (Venenatus) included, along with a bunch of new threats.