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Cosm Card Booster: Cyberpapacy

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 12:25 am
by Greymarch2000
Well people in the US are starting to get their Aysle shipments which means that Kickstarter is pretty much finished and we can all focus on the wait for our gifts from Ebenescrux to start showing up. Here we have a new set of 10 cosm cards for the Cyberpapacy, with a theme I think we can trust that US didn't go with: The Seven Deadly Sins!

Cosm Card Booster: Cyberpapacy

It's funny. It was actually kind of hard to come up with 10 cards for the Living Land and Nile Empire, but I feel I could easily make another 30 CP ones... I've been mulling over doing a GodNet specific pack. But that's a potential project for another day...

Hope people find them useful and/or fun. If you see any huge balance issues or have any questions or concerns let me know!