TDE/TORG in South Central Pennsylvania (PA)

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TDE/TORG in South Central Pennsylvania (PA)

Postby Shayd3000 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:04 pm

Location: About 25 minutes from Chambersburg and Greencastle. 15 minutes from Mercersburg. In Franklin County.

We are looking for new players to participate in a TDE and potentially TORG campaign. We would like at least one more and couples are certainly welcome.

We are currently testing the waters in TDE transitioning from GURPS and have experience with many many many RPG systems, and past campaigns have been in Pathfinder, D&D, TORG, Rolemaster, Masterbook to name just a few. We have limited experience with TDE presently, but do have extensive experience with TORG, having played three campaigns over the years.

While we are looking for players, we would consider an experienced Dark Eye GM to join our group if interested. Otherwise, new players would need to not be familiar with the current library of published adventures for TDE, as that is what we would be looking to run to start. Players need to be over 18, though parents with mature and capable of playing on their own children over 12 would be welcome as well. Not that we don't like kids, they're fine, it's just that we are an adult group and feel it would be appropriate for anyone underage to be accompanied by parents. Besides, the fact that we have been gaming in this group since 1993 should give away we're not quite beginners, if you know what I mean.

We currently play every other Sunday, from NOON until 1700/1800. We are thinking we would like to start the new campaign with the start of the new year, but that depends on if we can find anyone. Our next game in January is January 28, then games run every other week pretty much like clockwork.

We are usually very consistent with having scheduled games, though from time to time, reality and obligations take hold. Usually, we will try to reschedule a missed game, or depending on how many need to miss, schedule a one-shot in something else, or play a boardgame. These are great times for someone to flex their GM muscles on a short adventure, and to try out other systems. Our current GURPS campaign grew from a one shot, and could also slip back into a campaign of as needed one shots as necessary.

Our group has been playing together in South Central PA since 1993. Over that time it has grown and shrunk, and right now we are in a "shrunk" phase due to two players having to relocate for work. This puts us down to two players and a GM. We would like at least three players to start a new campaign. We pretty much welcome anyone that enjoys role playing, problem solving and mature gaming (by that, I don't mean adult themes - I mean interest in being part of a shared story experience).

If you are interested, especially after having read that rather long winded post, please send me a note and we can make arrangements to meet and get the ball rolling!

At this time we are not interested in expanding our game to electronic delivery. This is a Face to Face gaming group.

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