Compiled Adventure Ratings

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Re: Compiled Adventure Ratings

Postby Aprewett » Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:21 am

Oh well, I was hoping to have an idea, as we game tonight.
Is there the same authors for the entire campaign?
Maybe they could give us a Core Activity statement. It does not have to give away the plot, just the big buy in.
As per my previous example with the Vampires, a player might state that his connection to that, would be to rule the clans, another might want to make peace between the waring parties, another might want to exact revenge during the confusion and blame it on another faction.
I dont mean to come on to strong about this, but without it, how do I sell the campaign to my player. It sure helps game play if we have established an emotional buy in from the start. Maybe if it was fully publushed I could find time to skim for the core activity.

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Re: Compiled Adventure Ratings

Postby Eric USNA » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:24 am

Hi Allan,

Honestly, the closest any of the Dark Eye adventures tend to get to what you're looking for is the back-of-book description. More like old-school RPG supplements, they tend to take a very descriptive approach to explaining the adventure and a very open-ended approach to who the characters might be.

For instance, in The White Lake, that information covers a full two pages of text. I'm not sure that anyone has condensed it down to "You are X who do Y."

Part of that comes from how long The Dark Eye has been around - there's an assumption that people are going to play it differently, and I think the authors want to avoid being too prescriptivist. Unfortunately, you're right in seeing that that makes it a little bit trickier to explain the entry points to newcomers.

This may be something we can work on, but it will not be quick.

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Re: Compiled Adventure Ratings

Postby Shinxirus » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:29 am

Not sure if that reaches you in time, but I'll try my best to give you an overview without spoiling too much:

The campaign as a whole is built around two main story arches: First, the awakening of the Bornland. I won't go into too much detail about what that is, as it's explained at the beginning of "The White Lake". Basically, the land itself is awakening and, so it seems, turning on its human inhabitants. This process has been going on for some time, but it's reaching its culmination now, and unusual phenomena occur more frequently. Different groups are noticing the awakening and seek to use it to boost their own agenda, or to merely gain a better understanding of what's going on. Your hero will be at the forefront, witnessing the effects first hand and ultimately realising the true meaning of the awakening, and with it, the full weight of the task on his shoulders. This is mostly a mystery plot, one that he will encounter throughout the campaign without fully realizing its meaning until the second last adventure.

The second main story arch is about the growing tension between the traditional nobility, i.e. the Bronnjars, and the growing influence of the bourgeoisie, espescially the norbards who, while almost lawless in the country, have established themselves as a dominant power in the cities.

There are two other main arcs: one concerning the fate of the goblins, both present and past, and the other concerning tensions between the church of Rondra and that of her son Kor, in relation to the ancient Order of the Theatre Knights.

As for the individual adventures themselves, I shall try to summarise their core content as you wished:

"The White Lake": The hero travels northward through the bornland, to ensure negotiations between a band of citizens from Festum and a clan of norbards don't escalate, also there's a personal rescue mission. Later, he must follow the culprit responsible for the result of said negotiations into the red sickle mountains.

"The Blue Tome": Begins as a simple escort mission for the temple of Efferd in Neersand. Tragedy strikes, however, and the hero finds himself on a revenge/rescue mission which leads him to a monastery of Praios where madmen are kept under lock and key. After an investigation/mystery sequence he heads off into the woods, where he is confronted for the first time with the faction that will be the main antagonist for the rest of the campaign.

"The Black Wood": Starts off at a tournament organised by the church of Rondra. Your hero will brave the waters of the Born, parlay with witches, and enter a giant's dream. In the end, a central NPC will have to choose sides, and the decision will depend onthe hero.

"The Green Host/Army(unsure how to translate that)":An assassination attempt makes the latent political tensions erupt into open war, and while the Noble Marshal launches a daring campaign, it is up to your hero to make sure her ranks grow and the morale remains up. Along the way, more secrets from the bornish history appear, and during the final battle the hero learns that his enemies' hands have been guided by a much darker master than he assumed. An important NPC is claimed by flames.

"The Silver Armour": A desperate attempt to hold a castle against the enemy turns into a trip to the court of the Walsach King (the fae personification of the Walsach). After realizing the full weight of his quest, the hero ventures deep into the Wale Mountains, someone makes an unexpected return, and the fate of the Bornland hangs in the balance.

"The Red Choir": The enemy may be beaten on the field of battle, but there remains the political aftermath to deal with. Set before the election of a new noble marshal, the hero investigates a series of murders in Festum, as the adherents of Kor openly challenge the church of Rondra. Also there remains one last battle for the legacy of the Theatre Knights.

Hope that helps, feel free ask if you wish for more detailed infos.

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Re: Compiled Adventure Ratings

Postby Aprewett » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:30 am

Excellent, thank you both, I will be able to construct an explanation to connect my player to that.

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